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VEGA: Rotary washing machine

Vega is a washing machine for bottles, vials, ampoules and unstable cylinder-shaped containers. Born to satisfy the most stringent market requirements, it is available in four different models featuring a continuous rotary motion to reach very high speeds while ensuring accurate decontamination.

Able to handle a wide range vial diameters, it features positive transport and mounts up to eight washing stations with independent connection to avoid cross contamination among the washing media. The innovative washing needles are designed for a plug and play manifold connection and the full brushless technology allows moving the entire needle carrier with the maximum precision.

The design of the grippers prevents sliding of the containers and maintain them at the same height to avoid any risk of breakage or contact with the washing needles.

Washing circuit, recycle tank and washing skid are housed in the machine frame with great accessibility. Although this Vega features a very small footprint ensuring easy handling and installation. The absence of mechanical cams guarantees fast maintenance and improves production time.

An intuitive HMI completes the machine allowing visualisation of machine status, operation mode and production reports, additionally it guides the operator through troubleshooting issues, change of recipes and adjustment of parameters.

Vega can be installed in-line with other machines by means of the necessary connecting units.


  • IT
  • 2015
    On CPHI since
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  • IT
  • 2015
    On CPHI since
  • 5000+
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