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  • Product Imaseal® - Silicone Inflatable Gaskets & Seals

    Imaseal® is made from advance grade silicone rubber conforms to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 for food grade criteria suitable for various sealing applications. These inflatable seals starts inflation range from 5mm to 20mm when 2-4 kg./cm2 pressure is applied after installation in door.
    Imaseal® App...
  • Product NEXCEL® Brand Single-Use Biopharma Film

    Sealed Air is the manufacturer of a highly inert single-use bioprocessing film, developed in collaboration with Cytiva, formerly known as GE Life Sciences. Its 10-layer architecture provides structural integrity for single-use systems from 5 liters up to 2,000 liters. Photo ©GE Healthcare


    CAPCITY: 20 LTRS TO 10000 LTRS. Complete vessel designs as per ASME Code. Instrumentation & connections comply with BPE & EHEDG guideline. Zero dead leg Aseptic design Flush Bottom Outlet diaphragm valve. Vessel design & fittings are designed for CIP / SIP able. Volume monitoring by load cell...
  • Product Bioreactors

    A bioreactor is an engineered system which support the growth of animal cells for production of vaccines or monoclonal antibodies. Integral scaling, improved component designs and extensive product inventory makes this the most user-friendly bioreactor available.The bioreactors designed by us can be operated ...

    FLEXIBLE HOSES ENSURING UTMOST PURITY COMBINED WITH UTMOST SAFETY WHILE HANDLING FLAMMABLE PHARMACEUTICAL SOLVENTS, POWDERS AND OTHER MEDIA. "FULL Ohm" for transport of cosmetics, pharmaceutical and highly Flammable chemical products manufactured according to  EN  12115:2011. Especially recomm...
  • Product CIP Systems

    We build User configurable and Fully automated CIP units which are especially suited for the critical Cleaning requirements for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical plants.

    Our team is involved at the process development and facility design stage to provide an optimised CIP Design thus ensu...
  • Product CIP and SIP System

    Pharmatech offers CIP/SIP combo complete system, Self contained portable system that is easily programmed to accommodate in wide variety of single use, recirculated CIP applications. It is designed for highly critical cleaning solution, while meeting cGMP & ASME-BPE standards. Combined with Unique SIP...
  • Product Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant

    Pharmatech offers high-tech process solutions that are customized to your specific needs and aimed at improving your process systems. Pharmatech offers Liquid Oral plant consists with Sugar Dissolving Vessel, Pre-Mix Vessel, Manufacturing vessel, Holding Vessels, Transfer Pumps, Inter Connecting piping/ f...
  • Product Prevention

    Evaluation of industrial and environmental risks, product protection

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