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We build User configurable and Fully automated CIP units which are especially suited for the critical Cleaning requirements for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical plants.

Our team is involved at the process development and facility design stage to provide an optimised CIP Design thus ensuring minimal utilisation of expensive utilities and reliable and repeatable cleaning operations.

We take into active consideration all 3 stages for proper design and implementation of any CIP System namely the CIP Skid, the equipment /  systems to be cleaned and the CIP supply - return lines.

Mechanical Characteristics of CIP system

1.       Space conserving design

2.       Stationary / Mobile systems

3.       Centralized CIP system for plantwide cleaning of Vessels, Piping and associated systems.

4.       Verification of single tank / multi tank options for most effective cleaning with operating volumes ranging from 100 L to as required for a plantwide CIP solution.

5.       Materials offered for contact surfaces are SA240 Gr. 316 L and non-contact SA240Gr. 304.

6.       The Internal surfaces of our CIP tanks  are flush ground and mirror polished to <0.4 Microns Ra and electro-polished. The external surfaces are polished to desired Ra value and offered in Satin and Mirror finishes. All welds are polished to the current ASME BPE / GMP for complete cleanability.

7.       Pressures ranging from -1 to 5 bar (g)

8.       Temperatures from 0 to 150 deg C

9.       Heat Exchanger ( Pipe in Pipe / Sanitary design DTSH ) for heating of cleaning solutions ( optionally double wall design for heating / cooling.

10.    Highest quality components are integrated into our system including Sanitary design Centrifugal Supply and return Pumps, Heat exchanger,  Acid / Alkali Dosing Vessels with  Diaphragm dosing metering pumps.

11.    The instrumentation required for automated and repeatable operation include temperature sensor, ph sensor , Conductivity sensor – supply & return line, Mass Flowmeter with totalizer,  Associated piping, Block valves and Sanitary diaphragm valves .

12.    Requisite safety arrangements for man & machine including interlocks, flow switches, pressure relief valves etc.

13.    Equipped with an independent control panel which is PLC & SCADA based for fully automatic mode of operation .

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