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    Our line of stainless steel mixer/dissolvers is suitable for all pharmaceutical application fields, the systems are fully customizable according to user needs.

    There are many combinations, mixing, dissolution and thermoregulation of the product, liquid analysis, weighing and dosing us...
  • Product MC DecJet® Spiral Jet Mills

    The new 4th generation MC DecJet® systems stand for: • Narrow Particle Size Distribution (PSD)
    • Simple and rapid assembly/disassembly • Limited number of components • High yields • Low energy consumption • Sterile manufacturing • PSD scalability with all MC DecJet® models
  • Product Closed granulation line


    Ÿ   Space saving

    Ÿ   High pressure resistance

    Ÿ   Closed transfer

    Ÿ   Process control and PAT

    Ÿ   CIP cleaning

    Ÿ   Industrial computer panel cont...

    Ointment Manufacturing plant used for Manufacturing of Ointment Cream, Gel, Lotion.

    Mfg top Lid Hydraulically Lifting
    Inbuilt Bottom Homogenizer with Mechanical Seal
    Top Semi Contra Anchor with Mechanical Seal
    Dual anchor with fix anchor for main mfg vessel
    Hemispherical Shap...

    •Model Available - 100 Ltrs. to 3000 Ltrs. Batch Capacity. •(GMP MODEL)


      Sugar Syrup Vessel
      Online sugar syrup pre-filter
      Manufacturing Vessel
      Storage Vessel
  • Product Filter press zero hold up (reverse flow)

    Meet cGMP & FDA norms
    Available Model: Dia- 8”, 14”, 18”, 24” & 33”, Plates Nos.
    are Variable
    Available with Centrifugal/Lobe Pump.
    Fitted with Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve & Air vent
    All Contact Parts in SS 304/ SS 316/ SS 316 L/ Hastelloy
    Available- HALAR/ PFA/ ETFE/ PVDF ...
  • Product Compactor BRC 25 and BRC 100

    L. B. Bohle Gmbh offers a wide range of process machines which includes compactor brc 25 and brc 100. Benefits: minimal material loss due to precise control of the compression force with an innovative electromechanical roller drive, constant ribbon properties assured with sensitive gap width control and ea...
  • Product Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer

    Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer (RVPD) is used to obtain dry powder from a wet cake or slurry. The drying is carried out in a batch process under vacuum, making this one of the most economical solutions for drying. RVPDs are ideally suited for low temperature drying, solvent recovery, mixing, blending and e...
  • Product AURUS Cone Mill

    Conical Milling Machine known world over for its proven track record at size reduction, sieving and deagglomeration of powders & granules. 
    It is an essential tool in a range of processes such as fine-grinding, uniform size reduction, dispersion, sieving and wet as well as dry milling.

    • The purified water is prepared by purified water generation system (Reverse Osmosis System) and collected in purified water storage tank of required capacity. • Purified Water is obtained by further purification of RO or Pre-Treated Water through Ion Exchange Deionisation/Demineralisation (DI), Electro...
  • Product Aseptic preparation system

    Austar group offers a pharmaceutical technological equipments which includes aseptic preparation system. It belongs to liquid processing preparation system products category. It is classified into two types: water-soluble and oil-soluble. System uses 3d modular design with characteristic of compact, attrac...
  • Product Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant ( Syrup Manufacturing Plant)

    Oral liquid manufacturing plant comprises of sugar syrup vessel, online sugar syrup pre-filter, manufacturing vessel storage vessel, vacuum system for transfer of sugar and sugar syrup, product piping, control panels and transfer pumps. The construction of the complete system is done in a way tha...
  • Product Mixing Vessels

    Adam Fabriwerk delivers quality mixing and processing machinery products to the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries which includes blending vessels. It belongs to mixing & processing machinery products category. Application: sterile solutions, vial, vaccines, human insulin...
  • Product Capsule Filling Machine

    Pharma-Data sa offers wide range of products which includes capsule filling machine. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Anti Histaminic

    Usv Ltd provides wide range of opthalmic products which includes anti histaminic. Contact us for more information.
  • Product BC361 mute round

    High Hope Int'L Group Jiangsu Medicines provides wide range of medical devices which includes bc361 mute round. Contact us for more information
  • Product AF-D-100- Automatic Double Head Auger Type Dry Powder Syrup Filling Machine

    Nkp Pharma Pvt Ltd provides wide range of filling products which includes af-d-100- automatic double head auger type dry powder syrup filling machine. Features: total cgmp model; servo based control for filling system; contact parts of s.s. 316l; machine can handle bottle size from 15ml to 125ml. Contact u...
  • Product ADS 100 Fully Automated Dissolution Testing

    Pharma Test Apparatebau Ag provides wide range of fully-automated dissolution products which includes ads 100 fully automated dissolution testing. Features: system composed of ptws 100d dissolution bath, spectrophotometer and pump; closed loop operation; controlled by windiss32 software package. Contact us...
  • Product Agitation Systems with Column EAC

    Inoxpa provides wide range of products which includes agitation systems with column eac. This system allows exchanging the agitator as a function of the required mixture, avoiding the need for a different agitator for every tank and therefore optimizing production costs. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Automatic Dry Syrup Filling Machine

    Parth Engineers & Consultant provides wide range of syrup sealing machines which includes automatic dry syrup filling machine. The offered machine is highly famous in the pharmaceutical industry for filling the dry syrup inside the bottles quickly. We offer competitive price to our clients for this automat...

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