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  • Product Intermediates and API Plant to Lease or Purchase/Operate In Place

    • (1) Reactors (SS, GL, Hastelloy): 3.4 – 16 m3 • (2) Centrifuges (Hastelloy): 1,600 mm diameter • (2) Conical Dryers(Hastelloy): 3 m3 Other process steps:  Distillation, Filtration, Sieving & Milling
  • Product API Pharmaceutical Plants and Equipment - Used Equipment and Complete Sites Available

    IPP has available complete pharmaceutical plants that can be operated in place as well as relocation.

    We have recently acquired pharmaceutical systems in both API and Formulation that can be moved to your plant site saving your projects 50-60% of the equipment value versus new. You can also save...
  • Product Effortless Procurement for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry

    Are you tired of spending excessive time and resources on the procurement process for your pharmaceutical or life sciences company? Do you have to use service providers outside of your regional reach, leading to physical back and forth of goods in the supply chain that is unsustainable often? Introduci...
  • Product Flow Miniplant

    Bench-top pilot plant for development and small-scale production. The Flow Miniplant is Microinnova’s bench-top flow pilot-plant for the production of quantities between 1 and 100 litres per hour. It bridges the gap between lab-scale flow process development and bulk manufacturing. It’s an indispensable st...
  • Product Cgmp lab freeze dryers

    Shanghai tofflon science & technology co. Ltd offers a wide range of auto loading systems which includes cgmp lab freeze dryers. Features: it is cgmp designed, cylindrical process chamber and external condenser located behind freeze-drying chamber, air cooling and water cooling compressor for option. Contc...
  • Product Dispax Reactor DR

    three-stage high shear inline dispersing machine used for the production of very fine emulsions and suspensions. It can be used (amongst others) for API wet milling and emulsification of pharmaceutical emulsions.
  • Product SEP-40K production scale phase separator

    Zaiput Flow Technologies’ patented separator (SEP-40K) provides continuous separation of an immiscible phase (liquid-liquid or gas-liquid) by leveraging differences in wetting properties of the liquids onto porous membranes.
    The device can achieve a throughput of 40 Lt/min
  • Product Used/Unused Process Equipment

    IPP offers a unique option for companies by specializing in the buying and selling of complete plants, process lines, and equipment across the globe. We own over 15,000 pieces of good used, unused and reglassed process equipment built by hundreds of different OEMS that are available for immediate...
  • Product Engineering Services for Continuous Manufacturing and for Modular Plants

    Basic Engineering - Transform your optimized process into manufacturingMICROINNOVA's engineering team is turning developed continuous chemical laboratory processes into your desired manufacturing plants. Starting with first steps such as piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and a U...
  • Product Overview Products and Services Continuous Manufacturing


    Development of efficient synthesis routes using the advantages of continuous processing. 


    Decades of experience in process intensification, flow chemistry and continuous processing gives us the ability to investigate the best appro...
  • Product Continuous Manufacturing API Plant

    Continuous Manufacturing API Plant
  • Product GMP Modular Continuos Manufacturing API Plant with Solids

    We specialize in process development and the design of modular plants and have developed an excellent concept for it. We provide the whole package. From process design, over cost evaluation, to your turnkey plant, optimized and tailored to suit your specific needs. The implementation of a modular...
  • Product Modular Continuous Manufacturing Crystallization Plant

    Modular multi-purpose API crytallization plant with PAT and module predictive control.
  • Product KUFill System

    Shanghai tofflon science & technology co. Ltd offers a wide range of filling lines which includes ampoule filling line. Features: it is integrated with washing machine, sterilizing tunnel, filling and sealing machine, it reduces any potential contamination risk from human operation. Contcat us for more...
  • Product MS-10 counter-current multistage extraction

    Zaiput offers the only available tool for counter-current extractions.
    Multistage Liquid Liquid Extraction (LLE) is a process where extraction steps are repeated in order to increase the recovery of a product. This process is required when, due to a small partition coefficient, the recovery in a singl...
  • Product Reactor/ Hydrogenerator

    Reactor with all type of agitators including gas induction /Hydrogenator. With insulation and as per cGMP.
  • Product Agigated Nutsche Filter/Dryer (ANF/ANFD)

    MAGTECH Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer is high-quality equipment designed for solid-liquid separation processes, by filtration under pressure and vacuum drying, for the pharmaceutical, chemical, fine chemical and food industries. Magtech Design and manufacture as per the standard design.
  • Product Air Handling Unit

    BASE FRAME CONSTRUCTION The base frame is constructed from Galvanised steel section Duly Powder Coated with longitudinal and cross members, the base frame incorporates lifting points

    The frame is a pentapost rigid closed section aluminium alloy. The panels have perimeter inner ...
  • Product high-pressure hydrogen generator

    TH series high-pressure hydrogen generator is a compact device. With modified proton exchange membrane high pressure electrolysis technology, the generator electrolysis water directly and get pure high pressure hydrogen after steps of purification, booster pump is not required. Operation system and m...

    H-Flow can link to hydrogen cylinder directly or High pressure hydrogen generater. The whole process is under control, little difference between different batch. Minimum the hydrogeneration time, lower than 3 minutes. Small size of reactor leading to high safety. Preserved sampling port, to monitor the...

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