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  • Product Spray Dryer

    GEA Niro pharmaceutical spray dryers from R&D to large production scale. Come and discuss your Pharma Spray Drying project with us or learn more about our pharma spray drying technology. Welcome!
  • Product Centrifugal Spray Dryer

    Centrifugal Spray Dryer is tailored for the pharmaceutical sector, transforming liquid solutions into powders or granules via atomization and drying.
    Features:    • Efficiency: Centrifugal atomization ensures rapid drying and uniform particle size. • Flexibility: Adaptable for heat-sensit...

    Our line of stainless steel mixer/dissolvers is suitable for all pharmaceutical application fields, the systems are fully customizable according to user needs.

    There are many combinations, mixing, dissolution and thermoregulation of the product, liquid analysis, weighing and dosing us...
  • Product MC DecJet® Spiral Jet Mills

    The new 4th generation MC DecJet® systems stand for: • Narrow Particle Size Distribution (PSD)
    • Simple and rapid assembly/disassembly • Limited number of components • High yields • Low energy consumption • Sterile manufacturing • PSD scalability with all MC DecJet® models
  • Product Dispax Reactor DR

    three-stage high shear inline dispersing machine used for the production of very fine emulsions and suspensions. It can be used (amongst others) for API wet milling and emulsification of pharmaceutical emulsions.
  • Product Flow Miniplant

    Bench-top pilot plant for development and small-scale production. The Flow Miniplant is Microinnova’s bench-top flow pilot-plant for the production of quantities between 1 and 100 litres per hour. It bridges the gap between lab-scale flow process development and bulk manufacturing. It’s an indispensable st...
  • Product Pharma Separators

    GEA pharma separator skids aseptic and pure are energizing the industry with two comprehensive and sophisticated separator lines and one revolutionary new multi-bowl solution. These plug & produce pharma separator skids are breaking new ground in ensuring maximum safety, maximum yield and perfect adaptatio...
  • Product Closed Loop Spray Dryer

    The Closed Circuit Spray Dryer by RETCL Process is engineered for the pharmaceutical sector, designed for drying special solvents and materials. Unlike conventional spray dryers using air, this utilizes a nitrogen loop, enhancing purity and safety.
    Operating Principle:Nitrogen is heated and circulated t...
  • Product Pressure Spray Dryer

    Pharmaceutical-grade Excellence:Our Pressure Spray Dryer is crafted for the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring drug stability and efficacy with unmatched moisture control.

    Key Features:    • Optimized Drying: Rapid, consistent drying via pressurized conditions. • Particle Precision: Supe...
  • Product BIN / DRUM LINE

    Our line of Stainless Steel BIN and DRUM are suitable for all handling / manipulation of API and OSD, powders, liquids and viscous in pharmaceutical processes.

    Made on standard models and / or according to customer / plant construction spefications, they are durable, solid ans reliable. q...
  • Product Engineering Services for Continuous Manufacturing and for Modular Plants

    Basic Engineering - Transform your optimized process into manufacturingMICROINNOVA's engineering team is turning developed continuous chemical laboratory processes into your desired manufacturing plants. Starting with first steps such as piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and a U...
  • Product Modular Continuous Manufacturing Crystallization Plant

    Modular multi-purpose API crytallization plant with PAT and module predictive control.
  • Product GMP Modular Continuos Manufacturing API Plant with Solids

    We specialize in process development and the design of modular plants and have developed an excellent concept for it. We provide the whole package. From process design, over cost evaluation, to your turnkey plant, optimized and tailored to suit your specific needs. The implementation of a modular...
  • Product Continuous Manufacturing API Plant

    Continuous Manufacturing API Plant
  • Product Overview Products and Services Continuous Manufacturing


    Development of efficient synthesis routes using the advantages of continuous processing. 


    Decades of experience in process intensification, flow chemistry and continuous processing gives us the ability to investigate the best appro...
  • Product ULTRASAFE Containment Isolators

    When containment has to be both complete and completely reliable, ULTRASAFE is the optimum solution. Our high containment equipment provides advanced performance levels for both API and HPAPI, backed by a service that's ultra focused on your needs.
  • Product Formulation lines

    We don’t just adapt to your needs and develop tailor-made solutions for you – we also produce individual equipment in-house, including containers or isolators, enabling us to provide you with an ideal overall concept. The Waldner Process Systems’ product range is broad-based, meeting all your individual ap...
  • Product Isolators

    Safety and ergonomics are the top priority with our isolators. We design, simulate and manufacture your unique Waldner isolator precisely tailored to your process. It is no coincidence that this is not a standard solution. Our experience has shown that only individual solutions can really meet the requirem...
  • Product Ointment manufacturing plant

    Complete Ointment manufacturing plant including wax and water phase vessel. Main mixer with inline homogeniser. PLC HMI based automatic controls. Pneumatic control valves. Interconnecting pipeline and transfer pumps.
  • Product Evo series- Double Stage Rotary Piston

    Crozair’s EVO Series DSRP high vacuum pump is our flagship product and result of years of R&D and innovations. This pump offers unparalleled reliability & ruggedness, making them best fit for all heavy duty and high precision applications. EVO series of DSRP pumps and systems that can be tailored f...

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