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Matcon, a unit of IDEX MPT, Inc. provides Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) technology for efficient and flexible handling of powders, granules and tablets. Our unique Cone Valve IBCs ensure reliable feed of powders and granules to tablet compression or roller compaction without risk of powder segregation. 

Matcon’s Tablet IBC performs gentle handling of capsules and tablets in qu...

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  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) for handling tablets

    Product Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) for handling tablets

    Compared with boxes, kegs or drums, the Matcon Tablet Handling system significantly reduces time consuming and error prone manual activities. Using Matcon Tablet IBCs to transfer tablets and capsules between processes reduces the number of container movements and lowers labour requirements, whilst impr...
  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) for handling powders and granules

    Product Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) for handling powders and granules

    We offer a wide range of IBC sizes from 50 litres to 3500 litres to match system requirements.  Smaller scale IBCs are ideal for processing small order sizes, whilst bigger batches are possible with the large scale IBCs. 

    The unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC prevents the tr...
  • IBC-Bin Blender

    Product IBC-Bin Blender

    Matcon's IBC Blender eliminates the time-consuming and costly cleaning associated with traditional stationary mixers such as V-blenders, double cone or other fixed shell blenders as the IBC itself is the blending vessel. The bins are filled, discharged and washed ‛off-line’ (in parallel) so the Blender...

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