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  • Product Gelée royale line

    Food supplements line based on royal jelly, where the main ingredient of this treasure from the beehive, the 10-HDA is standardized.
  • Product Plastic Jars

    Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment. They can be produced in custom colors. They contain no additives other than raw materials and dye. The protective lubricants used to clean molds, raw materials and dyes are food grade.
  • Product Digital Canary Atmosphere Monitoring System

    Protects Your Plant, Product and People.

    A little bird tells me that there’s a new way to protect the health and safety of your containment material handling system operators

    Based on the traditional concept of a live coal-mine canary, the 21st century equivalent from GEA is a ...
  • Product Hepakom

    Hepakom is a food supplement containing Phosphocomplex®, choline and vitamin E. It is designed for normalizing liver function, protects the liver by preventing the entry of toxic substances and helps repair damaged liver cells.
  • Product SAN-DV

    For use in combination with drugs in vials, the SAN®DV was designed as a fully disposable automatic needle supplied with a vial adaptor. It delivers all the benefits of the SAN product family: It reduces the anxiety and the perceived pain of the self-injecting patient by allowing controlled manual administ...
  • Product PregnaCure

    RemeCure® created the food supplement PregnaCure to assist women through their pregnancy from conception until the end of the breastfeeding period. PregnaCure brings the nutrients required for the fetus and the baby’s sound development.

    Folic acid (as 5-MTHF by Quatrefolic) is required for prope...

    PROGEN® is an innovative food supplement based on a plasma complex rich in bioactive proteins, HC-15 (a hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate complex), collagen rich in bioactive peptides and vitamin C. Unique and innovative formula containing nutrients which help with: • In the maintenance and nor...
  • Product Oral - Dropper bottles - Ensiemo, safe, qualitative and compliant packaging solution

    SGD Pharma offers a high-quality range of clear and amber bottles and dropper assemblies ideally suited for oil product formulations. They feature pharmaceutical grade glass with precise and accurate dropper dosage resulting in virtually no product waste. This convenient and functional combination also inc...
  • Product ALPHADEFEND®

    Alphadefend® is based on Vitamins C, D, A, B2, B6, B12, E and Folic acid with Copper, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc. The Vitamins C, D, A, B2, B6, B12, Folic acid, Copper, Zinc and Selenium contribute to the normai function ofthe immune system. The Vitamins C, B6, B12 contribute to normai energy-yielding me...
  • Product KICK THE TICK® expert safe tick removel kit

    KICK THE TICK® is a medical device intended for tick removal from human and animals bodies. It is recommended in the prevention of tick-borne diseases, including:

    Lyme disease,

    Tick - borne encephaliti,


  • Product Aluneb nasal spray

    Isotonic solution with hyaluronic acid.
    Package: bottle of 50 ml. 
  • Product Collagen line

    Medex expanded its portfolio more than 12 years ago to a collagen line which we are still successfully upgrading and complementing today. Verified ingredients, supported by clinical studies, are our guiding principle which we are following during the development and production of all our products. Mede...
  • Product Honey-based syrups line

    A great variety of honey syrups, with at least 70% of honey. The syrups are made with natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives or any other artificial ingredients. There are available syrups for preventive, and curing as well as for children and adults.
  • Product Propolis line

    Food supplements line based on bee propolis, where the content of the main ingredient - bioflavonoids is standardized.
  • Product SAN-DV Pro

    For use in combination with drugs in vials, the SAN-DV Pro was designed as a fully disposable automatic needle with an integrated vial adaptor for easy drug reconstitution or mixing.

    The SAN-DV Pro reduces patient anxiety and is easy to use. Additional...
  • Product SASY

    SASYTM is DALI’s proprietary safety syringe for glass prefilled syringes.

    SASY is extremely intuitive to use.

    Thanks to its patented mechanism, the SASY minimizes the potential of user mistakes, and by that:

    Prevents underdose – delivering of full d...
  • Product SAN-L

    The SAN-L is a single-use sterile hypodermic needle for use with luer-lock syringes for subcutaneous or intramuscular drug administration. The SAN-L is the only disposable device to combine automatic needle insertion, passive sharps protection, a hidden needle, while allowing manual control of injection’s ...
  • Product SAN-LIGHT

    The SAN-Light is a single-use sterile hypodermic safety needle for use with luer syringes for subcutaneous or intramuscular drug administration. The SAN-Light combines passive sharps protection and a hidden needle.

    The SAN-Light is a passive safety needle, for use b...
  • Product NeuroCure

    Central nervous system stimulant
    Support memory and learning process

    One of the main benefits of Citicoline is that it increases the level of Acetylcholine within the brain. This is a neurotransmitter used to communicate between your neurons that play...
  • Product Nitolic® head lice treatment

    NITOLIC® is a new generation of medical devices intended for the complete treatment of head lice infestations (Pediculus humanus capitis).

    Single application – 100% efficacy

    kills all active developmental stages of head lice

    kills lice eggs (nits)


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