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About Medex d.o.o

Medex, a Slovenian company, established in 1954 (from Slovene "med" - honey and "ex" export) has been recently a leading European manufacturer of innovative food supplements based on bee and  other natural products. Its products are sold to more than 25 countries around the world – mainly in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Its main products are inspired by recipes from traditional medicine and are made with honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and bee venom. This is why we call Medex a pioneer in apitherapy. All products are developed as well as produced in own facilities. Medex features its own production facilities and R&D department led by registered research group that consists of 4 doctors of science from various fields of biosciences and biomedicine. The first laboratory was set up in 60´s and today, after many modern innovations, they can boast of modern, high-tech-equipped development-analytical laboratories. Medex team in cooperation with University of Primorska (SLO)  have also conducted the world’s first double-blind clinical study made on human beings that confirms beneficial effects of royal jelly on human body.

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Products from Medex d.o.o (7)

  • Beelixir™

    Product Beelixir™

    Beelixir™ with its unique ROYAL YOUTH™ formula – a standardised combination of royal jelly, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and Q10 coenzyme with zinc and vitamins D3 and B1 – offers an efficient approach to ageing cells. It supports cellular functions and helps slow down biological ageing.

  • Beeharmony™

    Product Beeharmony™

    Beeharmony™: A natural help for alleviating menopause symptoms

    The unique Royal Balance™ formula with a standardised combination of royal jelly and saffron and a cocktail of vitamins (K2 + D3 + E + B6), which the female body needs the most at an advanced age, contributes to the regulation of...
  • Gelée royale line

    Product Gelée royale line

    Food supplements line based on royal jelly, where the main ingredient of this treasure from the beehive, the 10-HDA is standardized.
  • Honey-based syrups line

    Product Honey-based syrups line

    A great variety of honey syrups, with at least 70% of honey. The syrups are made with natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives or any other artificial ingredients. There are available syrups for preventive, and curing as well as for children and adults.
  • Propolis line

    Product Propolis line

    Food supplements line based on bee propolis, where the content of the main ingredient - bioflavonoids is standardized.
  • Collagen line

    Product Collagen line

    Medex expanded its portfolio more than 12 years ago to a collagen line which we are still successfully upgrading and complementing today. Verified ingredients, supported by clinical studies, are our guiding principle which we are following during the development and production of all our products. Mede...
  • Gelee Royale Cardio

    Product Gelee Royale Cardio

    Key Ingredients of Gelee Royale Cardio:

    • Royal Jelly: The highest content of royal jelly (2000 mg) and HDA (28 mg) so far • Coenzyme Q10: Known for its heart-protective and cardiovascular functions • Vitamins B1, B6, D3, K2, and E: Essential for various aspects of heart and overall health. ...

Medex d.o.o Resources (14)

  • News Medex confirms the efficiency of royal jelly in alleviating inflammation processes in the body for the first time ever

    Medex plays one of the central roles in the world in upgrading the traditional use of bee products with clinically supported innovations. They have been investing in research for 6 decades now. Today, they develop safe and effective products in a modern laboratory, and they actively cooperate with public research institutions with their own registered R&D team. This was also the case with the research about the effects of royal jelly, with which Medex was the first in the world to confirm royal jelly’s efficiency in alleviating inflammation processes in the body.
  • Video Medex story

    Take no more than 3 minutes of your time, to view a short corporative video about our “beehive”.
  • News The clinical study: Beeharmony™

    The Medex R&D team in cooperation conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial that involved 25 women in the placebo group (completed by 24 people), and 25 in the BeeHarmony group (completed by 22 people). Subjects were aged 45-60 with menopause symptoms. The subjects took 2 capsules per day, 56 days. The process was done under the supervision of a gynecologist.

    Criteria: Evaluating symptom severity –completing MRS (Menopause Rating Scale) questionnaires at the beginning, after 1 month, and after 2 months of use.

  • Brochure Bee line

    Brochure of Medex products based on bee products like:royal jellyhoneypropolis

  • News The clinical study: Effects of Royal Jelly Administration on Lipid Profile, Satiety, Inflammation, and Antioxidant Capacity in Asymptomatic Overweight Adults

    Obesity and overweight are chronic disorders of multifactorial origin that are characterized by high oxidative status and by chronic activation of macrophages in peripheral tissues. Effective therapeutic approaches to lower inflammation and oxidative stress are currently of general interest. Royal jelly (RJ) is a functional food with a broad range of pharmacological activities, mainly used by healthy individuals or borderline patients to protect themselves against disease onset. The objective of this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was to investigate the effects of RJ supplementation on metabolic profile and oxidative and inflammatory parameters in asymptomatic overweight adults, considered at an early stage of developing metabolic syndrome.
  • Brochure Junior line

    This brochure includes food supplements from Medex for children (3+). As with all our products, also these for children do not contain preservatives, artificial colors, aromas, or flavorings.

  • News Healthy ageing is in our own hands, because we ourselves can significantly influence the speed of ageing

    On the occasion of this year's "Youth Day", in accordance with its fundamental mission of improving the quality of life through clinically supported innovations in the field of the use of bee products, Medex opened an important public debate on the possibilities of slowing down ageing. Participants discussed the ways in which we can extend the healthy period of our life and effectively ensure high-quality, active and pleasant ageing. The elixir of life and longevity can also be found in the beehive, more precisely in royal jelly. This is the crucial ingredient of Medex's outstanding innovation, the unique ROYAL YOUTH™ formula in the new Beelixir™ food supplement, which helps to slow down biological ageing and extend the period of health by supporting cellular functions.
  • Brochure Collagen line for joints and beauty

    Medex line of products based on collagen - for mobility and beauty. Medex only uses collagen ingredients supported by clinical studies that guarantee desired effects for thier users. 
  • Brochure Other products

    Medex portfolio consists also of other products based on natural ingredients developed for immune system support, health growth of children, or other aspects of well-being.

  • Brochure Apilana creams line

    Apilana creams from Medex, for the face and hands from Medex, is made of bee and other natural ingredients. With royal jelly and beeswax, they deeply nourish your skin.

  • Brochure Beesecret - bee venom cream

    Beesecret cream line is based on bee venom a healing agent known since prehistoric times. With at least 18 pharma-active components bee venom therapy can relieve pain and muscle weakness. On the other hand, can lead to excellent results when used in cosmetics.

  • Brochure Elanosol lip balms

    Elanosol the line of lip balms from Medex is based on bee and other natural ingredients and therefore perfectly fits Medex´s philosophy. In addition to beeswax base and propolis we introduced a whole line of lip balms with different supporting substances to cover the needs of just all lips of the world!

  • Technical Data Beelixir(TM)

    Medex Beelixir(TM) is an innovative ANTI-AGEING support on a cellular level developed in oredr to slow down biological ageing and extend the period of health. It features the unique ROYAL YOUTH™ formula (royal jelly, NAD and Q10) with vitamins D and B1 and zinc. 
  • Technical Data Beeharmony(TM)

    Medex Beeharmony™ is a food supplement developed for alleviating menopause symptoms and maintaining hormonal balance. With a unique ROYAL BALANCE™ blend with royal jelly and saffron extract. With added vitamins: K2, D3, E and B6. Its efficiency has been supported with a clinical study.