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  • Medex Propolis Defense APF(R) 30, water based
About Medex d.o.o

Medex, a Slovenian company, established in 1954 (from Slovene "med" - honey and "ex" export) has been recently a leading European manufacturer of innovative food supplements based on bee and  other natural products. Its products are sold to more than 25 countries around the world – mainly in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Its main products are inspired by recipes from traditional medicine and are made with honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and bee venom. This is why we call Medex a pioneer in apitherapy. All products are developed as well as produced in own facilities. Medex features its own production facilities and R&D department led by registered research group that consists of 4 doctors of science from various fields of biosciences and biomedicine. The first laboratory was set up in 60´s and today, after many modern innovations, they can boast of modern, high-tech-equipped development-analytical laboratories. Medex team in cooperation with University of Primorska (SLO)  have also conducted the world’s first double-blind clinical study made on human beings that confirms beneficial effects of royal jelly on human body.

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Products from Medex d.o.o (4)

  • Gelée royale line

    Product Gelée royale line

    Food supplements line based on royal jelly, where the main ingredient of this treasure from the beehive, the 10-HDA is standardized.
  • Honey-based syrups line

    Product Honey-based syrups line

    A great variety of honey syrups, with at least 70% of honey. The syrups are made with natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives or any other artificial ingredients. There are available syrups for preventive, and curing as well as for children and adults.
  • Propolis line

    Product Propolis line

    Food supplements line based on bee propolis, where the content of the main ingredient - bioflavonoids is standardized.
  • Collagen line

    Product Collagen line

    Medex expanded its portfolio more than 12 years ago to a collagen line which we are still successfully upgrading and complementing today. Verified ingredients, supported by clinical studies, are our guiding principle which we are following during the development and production of all our products. Mede...