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25 Jul 2023

Healthy ageing is in our own hands, because we ourselves can significantly influence the speed of ageing

The round table was attended by Prof. Branka Javornik, PhD, expert in the biology of ageing, professor emeritus of the University of Ljubljana and tenured professor of genetics and biotechnology, Aleša Mižigoj, CEO of Medex, and Rok Kopinč, PhD, Head of Development at Medex

On the occasion of this year's "Youth Day", in accordance with its fundamental mission of improving the quality of life through clinically supported innovations in the field of the use of bee products, Medex opened an important public debate on the possibilities of slowing down ageing. Participants discussed the ways in which we can extend the healthy period of our life and effectively ensure high-quality, active and pleasant ageing. The elixir of life and longevity can also be found in the beehive, more precisely in royal jelly. This is the crucial ingredient of Medex's outstanding innovation, the unique ROYAL YOUTH™ formula in the new Beelixir™ food supplement, which helps to slow down biological ageing and extend the period of health by supporting cellular functions.

To sum up, the age written on our IDs cannot be avoided or changed. However, we can avoid premature ageing, and with a healthy lifestyle and effective support for cells and the organism we can change the way we age. Because life is worth living well until the last day. Medex is a family company which has been passionately connected to bees for 69 years. As pioneers of apitherapy we are improving the lives of people with natural, efficient and innovative food supplements based on bee products and other gifts of an intact nature. Medex is the first in Slovenia to check the safety and quality of its honey. Medex is also a pioneer of apitherapy in Slovenia and around the world, which means that it uses bee products for therapeutic purposes. It has a registered research group with four researchers - PhDs, who, together with a support team of 6 experts, discover new areas of efficiency of bee products.

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