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  • Product Broncositol® oral supplement

    The only myo-inositol-based dietary supplement specifically designed to manage respiratory diseases   
    Supports the maintenance of the physiological state of the respiratory system by promoting the health of mucous membranes and the production of lung surfactants 

    The inclu...
  • Product We take your products from idea to market success

    Hänseler Swiss Pharma is a dedicated partner known for its unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards and innovative strategies. We bring our enthusiasm and Swiss precision to support our partners across the entire value chain, providing custom-tailored solutions for your success in the pha...
  • Product Passionis

    Passionis is a unique product specially for women, which have been related to sexual appetite boost properties, containing Liboost, Maca, Vitamin B6 and Zinc.
  • Product Cogiton

    Cogiton is a patented food supplement based on a specific and harmonized combination of Ginkgo Biloba, B vitamins, carnosine, coenzyme Q10, L-cysteine, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium.

    Cogiton is a drinkable food supplement available in PET vials with a dosing cap, easy to us...
  • Product ISTAMUNIL (Allergy - Paediatric)

    Istamunil is an innovative food supplement, made from natural ingredients recognized for their anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.
    It is one of the most studied food supplement in the industry with a large documentation package based on the controlled clinical studies done to support i...

    Prevents and relieves mucosa against allergens and symptoms of allergic rhinitis (against pollen, mites and/or pet hair) while maintaining the mucosa fresh and moisturized.

    Contains aloe vera and xanthan gum, as well as eucalyptus, niaouli, lemon and mint essential oils.

    20 ml nas...
  • Product Hybrid Fractionating Column

    Customized Hybrid Fractionating Column systems combine the multi-plate efficiency of fractional columns with the gentle reboiling effect of Wiped-Film Evaporators. This proven Hybrid technology allows the purification of heat-sensitive materials similar in volatility, which could not otherwise be separated...
  • Product Colchicine

    Sarv Bio Labs Pvt Ltd. offes wide range of pharmaceutical products which includes colchicine. It is an alkaloid isolated from the seeds of glorisa uperba plant. It is pale yellow powder. It is used as anti gout/ anti cancer medicine. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Unique Fruit Matrix

    Delicious fruit matrix meets well-established Probiotics: With our fortified fruit gums we‘ve finally found a convenient and delicious way to end pill fatigue. The brand new product in our health division merges several trends: Global markets for gut health products are growing rapidly, as is the ...
  • Product POLICOL ONE

    Anti-Cholesterol: Global cardiovascular disorders.TRIPLE ACTION: Combats and reduces cholesterol.Protects liver and heart toxins.
  • Product DC Granules

    Sydler Remedies Pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of DC granules.
  • Product Sennae Folium Granule

    1、A natural botanical drug for the treatment of constipation recommended by the WGO* Guideline

    2、Purge heat, activate stagnation and relax Intestines

    3、An exclusive product with double sales channels of OTC & prescription


    *WGO: World Gas...
  • Product Retico® - Eye Health Support

    The unique composition of Retico® ingredients contains standardized for the content of anthocyanins (min. 25%) blend of berry fruit extracts (aronia, bilberry and haskap berry) that have been tested for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protective (cytoprotective) properties. Carefully selected ingredient...
  • Product Naringin

    Naringin is a natural chemical compound known as a bioflavonoid found in grapefruit, giving it its bitter flavor. Hence, the food industry, however, uses naringin as a bitter in "tonic" beverages, bitter chocolate, ice cream, and ices.Naringin also works synergistically with other nutrients, increasing the...
  • Product Calcium Sennosides

    • Name  Calcium Sennosides • Specifications10%, 20%, 45% & 60% by HPLC • Application   Laxative  • Botanical Source  Cassia Angustifolia For more information, please visit our website
  • Product Satiereal

    The original patented Saffron extract for appetite control with an impact on weight management. SATIEREAL® has shown, under two clinical studies carried out in double-blind against placebo, its capacity to manage appetite (-84%) and reduce compulsive snacking (-78%) in releasing more serotonin at the centr...
  • Product Leaflets for health care markets

    Edelmann Group offers a wide range of packaging products which includes leaflets for health care. It allows capacities to be increased at short notice, projects to be fast-tracked and the production of a variety of packaging components to be promptly and flexibly coordinated. It has diversity and quality: ...
  • Product ENOTprost®

    Anti-inflammatory. Antioxidant. Anti-prostatic
  • Product Apipol honey syrup with marshmallow root macerate and propolis tincture- MEDICAL DEVICE

    Apipharma d.o.o. Offers a wide range of products which includes apipol honey syrup with marsh mallow root macerate and propolis tincture. Feature: it is a combination of apian products and healing herbs which integrates the healing properties of honey, marsh mallow root macerate and propolis tincture. Hone...
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