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Dr. Gotthilf Company has been founded in 1927 with the sole mission of making completely natural & premium quality products based on years of dedicated research and implementing innovative technological approaches to traditional production.

Traditional Recipes are where it all began. Dr. Gotthilf 1927 recipes have been in our family for generations. Dr. Gotthilf develops all products based on traditional recipes and combines them with modern, innovative technologies, bringing you the quality of the old and the efficiency of the new world.

Dr. Gotthilf 1927 has been present in most world markets for over nine decades. Through the participation in domestic and international trade shows, as well as the exchange of ideas with recognized laboratories in Europe and overseas, we are right in the middle of the industry.
We do business in a variety of areas and assist with Reinforcement & immunity Moisturizing and protection of the body, Immunity, Calming preparations, Slimming, Support for internal organs such as Bones, joints, Di...

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Products from DUAL GmbH (3)

  • HIPPOPOPS - Multivitamin SUGAR FREE Lollipops

    Product HIPPOPOPS - Multivitamin SUGAR FREE Lollipops

    Hippopops - The Healthy, Delicious, and Nutritious Swap

    We are sure if there is one thing we can all agree on, it would be that raising a healthy and happy child is a lifelong “path” paved with making the proper choices daily. Besides the choices, parenthood looks like an endless list of “how to`s”...
  • PregnaFeed

    Product PregnaFeed

    PregnaFeed - Healthy mothers. Healthy babies. Pregnancy and lactation are very important and critical periods in a woman’s life. Physiological processes in the body of expectant mothers change their nutritional needs, the demand for certain vitamins and minerals. Choosing the proper diet is crucial for the he...
  • PregnaWish

    Product PregnaWish

    PregnaWish is a novel, multi-level-acting formulation containing in its composition Myo-inositol and Quatrefolic® - a patented folic acid derivative of the 4th generation. 

    PregnaWish is used to treat PCOS and related infertility in women with PCOS. The statistics show that PCOS affects 10-15%...