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  • Product D-Galactose, plant derived

    VIO Chemicals offers a broad range of low endotoxin carbohydrates, including D-Galactose, plant derived for biopharmaceutical applications. CAS No: 59-23-4, 
  • Product D-Mannose, plant derived (EP, USP/NF)

    VIO Chemicals offers a range of low endotoxin carbohydrates, including D-Mannose, plant derived, for biopharmaceutical applications. CAS No: 3458-28-4
  • Product Vaccine Adjuvant: Quil-A™

    • Quil-A is a highly purified and concentrated saponin adjuvant purified from bark extract of the Quillaja saponaria Molina tree which has been specifically developed for use as an adjuvant in vaccines • Quil-A saponin was originally purified and characterised by Dr. Pharm • Kristian Dalsgaard in 1...
  • Product Cannabis sativa flos (dry flower) S-LAB THC 18%, CBD ≤ 1%

    Cannabis flos ( dry flower ) S-LAB THC 18%, CBD ≤ 1%
    Cannabis sativa L. (Cannabaceae) contains:
    Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)18% (not less than 16.2% and not more than 19.8%) and cannabidiol (CBD): not more than 1%
    Store below 25ºC.Narcotic drug of group I-N.
  • Product OPTIKOM (Eye health with Omega 3 fish oil as unique product helps to reduce dry eye symptoms...)

    Optikom is a unique product that helps to reduce dry eye symptoms, support eye health and normal tear production by combining two key ingredients, Omega 3 fatty acid and Maqui berry extract.

    MaquiBright® is a patented maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) extract standardized to bear a minimu...
  • Product Nicotine

    • Name- Nicotine • Specifications- Pharmacopia reference USP • Application- Anti Anxiety & Anti Depressant • Botanical Source-   Nicotiana tabacum To know more, please visit us at
  • Product CBD Destillate Broad Spectrum

    Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate THC Free - golden viscous solid, typically contains around 85% CBD (+/-3%), up to 2% of other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBDV, CBGV, CBC and others, and no detectable d9-THC, THCV, CBN (i.e.<0,005%).

    Broad Spectrum Distillate THC Free differs from concentrated singl...
  • Product Cannabinoid APIs (CBD)

    The cannabinoid-based drug market is growing rapidly. To facilitate early-stage drug development in this emerging field of research, DSM has created an innovation platform, in partnership with Brains Bioceutical, to explore the full therapeutic potential of cannabinoid molecules, like cannabidiol (CBD).
  • Product Qualicaps® Consumer Healthcare capsules portfolio

    Qualicaps® Consumer Healthcare portfolio offers the consumer health industry superior quality capsules for the protection and delivery of beneficial ingredients. With patented characteristics that make these capsules ideal for a broad range of nutraceutical and nutritional applications, our leading-edg...
  • Product Diosmin EP grade CAS NO.520-33-2

    Product Name: Diosmin
    Synonym: Diosmetin-7-O-Rutinoside
    CAS Number: 520-33-2
    Specification: EP, BP, USP, Micronized, DC
    Raw material main source: Sichuan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Hunan, etc.
    Appearance: Greyish-yellow to light yellow hygroscopic powder
    Product Source: Hesp...
  • Product Pollen & Pollution Catcher Nasal Spray

    With Moisturizing & Soothing Mallow

    Prevents main allergy symptoms while keeping nasal mucosa soothingly moistened
  • Product Quercetin

    Quercetin is a pigment found in many plants, fruits, and vegetables. It may have some health benefits and help prevent a range of conditions.
  • Product Liposomal VIT C

    Orange. Vanilla.  Recommended daily dosage: 10 mL/day (1000 mg Vitamin C).

    Did you know that glutathione is an antioxidant that protects our cells from free radicals and harmful toxins? 
    Since our cellular glutathione levels decrease with age, supplementation is advised.&...
  • Product Lavender Oil 80mg

    Substipharm offers a wide range of products which includes Lavender Oil 80mg. It belongs to Central Nervous category. Reference: 14, 28, 56 tablets of soft caps. Brand: Lasea® (Dr. Schwabe). Contact us for more information.
  • Product Thymox®

    Expectorant (used in productive cough associated with cold, and bronchitis). Digestive. Spasmolytic, carminative. Antioxidant.Balsamic, antiseptic for the throat and the respiratory system. Flavouring agent. Topical use: skin protecting.
  • Product Berberol

    Patented food supplement in film-coated tablets containing Berberine and Silymarin.

    Useful for the regular functionality of the cardiovascular system.

  • Product Botanical ingredient extracts for Nutraceuticals

    Lodaat produces premium branded natural and botanical ingredient extracts for the Nutraceutical, Food-Beverage and Cosmeceutical brands.  As a US firm, we support our ingredients with clinical trials.  

    Select Botanical SL Provides wide range of Botanical Extracts products which includes CROCUS SATIVUS EXTRACT. Crocus Sativus Extract is a natural extract derived from the red stigmas of the Crocus sativus L (Saffron Flower). It is used as natural approach to reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety. Co...
  • Product Diosmin

    Diosmin EP8.3 EP9 BP. 90%, 92%, 95%; 


    Particle Size: Non-micronized, Micronized, Granulated

    EUGMP, CEP, Written Confirmation (EU), ISO, DMF  

    Annual Capacity 600 tons/ year
  • Product COLCHICINE

    EP/BP/USP/CP/IP/JP EDMF/ DMF on record 
    EU written confirmation 
    WHO GMP COPP available

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