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  • Product Vaccine Adjuvant: QS-21

    • Quillaja saponaria Molina is a South American tree native to Chile whose bark is rich in a complex mixture of triterpenic saponins • Quillaja-derived saponins such as Quil-A® are currently used as veterinary vaccine adjuvants • One specific fraction of the Quil-A saponin mixture, QS-21, is an extreme...
  • Product Aura Herbals Chlorophyll from white mulberry, concentrate, drops (30 ml)

     Approximately 90 daily portions

    - the product is suitable for vegans  
    - the simplest composition, with no unnecessary additives
    - convenient to use - bottle with an accurate applicator

  • Product Komistus (Anti viral & Anti Bacterial)

    KOMISTUS is a throat lozenge containing Cistus extract rich in polyphenols and gum arabic.

    The lozenge forms a protective layer that emerges on the pharyngeal mucosa and this barrier provides physical (mechanical) protection against viruses and bacteria, preventing viruses and bacteria...
  • Product Botanical Extracts

    Aceto offers a wide range of Botanical Extracts including but not limited to Rhodiola Roses and Ginseng.  Aceto links its customers and manufacturing suppliers globally to best match capabilities and quality with customer needs to deliver unique solutions.  
  • Product Green Tea Extract L-Theanine

    Green Tea Extract L-Theanine is a herbal derivative from green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). Contains antioxidant ingredients, mainly green tea catechins (GTC). 

    Theanine is a unique free amino acid in tea, and theanine is glutamic acid γ-ethylamine. Theanine content varies with th...
  • Product ilon Classic Ointment - No.1 in German pharmacies

    Herbal medical product for purulent skin infections, e.g. abscesses or whitlow, featuring a unique combination of active ingredients. No.1 pharmacy product in Germany in the category of drawing ointments

    Active ingredients: Larch turpentine, turpentine oil of the maritime pine type, e...
  • Product Thiocolchicoside

    • Name- Thiocolchicoside IP/FP
    • Specifications- Pharmacopia reference
    • Application- Gouty arthritis
    • Botanical Source- Gloriosa superba.  
    To know more, please visit us at
  • Product Botanical ingredient extracts for Nutraceuticals

    Lodaat produces premium branded natural and botanical ingredient extracts for the Nutraceutical, Food-Beverage and Cosmeceutical brands.  As a US firm, we support our ingredients with clinical trials.  

    Select Botanical SL Provides wide range of Botanical Extracts products which includes CROCUS SATIVUS EXTRACT. Crocus Sativus Extract is a natural extract derived from the red stigmas of the Crocus sativus L (Saffron Flower). It is used as natural approach to reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety. Conta...
  • Product Bilberry Extract

    Ambe, based in INDIA & USA offers innovative quality ingredients for Health, Nutraceutical, Food, Cosmoceuticals and Phytoceutical Industry. Range of our quality products include Branded Ingredients, Organic Products, Botanical Extracts, Nutraceuticals, Oleoresins, Spray Dried Powders and Water Soluble In...
  • Product COLCHICINE

    EP/BP/USP/CP/IP/JP EDMF/ DMF on record 
    EU written confirmation 
    WHO GMP COPP available
  • Product Thiocolchicoside

    Thiocolchicoside is a muscle relaxant with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. 
  • Product Natural Herbal Extract, Cranberry Extract , Elderberry Extract , Ganoderma Extract , Garlic Extract , etc

    Natural Herbal Ingredients solution provider to use in nutraceutical market and health supplements , 
  • Product Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Ivy Leaf Extract, Valerian Extract, Saffron Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Echinacea Purpurea Extract,Craberry Extract, Bilberry Extract, Palm Oil Tocotrienols

    From above products, Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Ivy Leaf Extract, Valerian Extract, Saffron Extract, Milk Thistle Extract & Echinacea Purpurea Extract etc. are plant Extracts.While Cranberry Extract, Bilberry Extract etc. are Fruit Extracts.
    Palm Oil Tocotrinols is a Vitamin E Derivat...
  • Product Panvitol Strong (Cereals + leguminosae extracts + calcium + Vit B1, B6 + honey)

    - Active substance(s): Cereals + leguminosae extracts + calcium + Vit B1, B6 + honey
    Pharmaceutical form(s): Ampoules
    Strength(s): 10 ml
  • Product Bilberry Extract

    1-25.0% Anthocyanins (UV)
  • Product Vaccine Adjuvant: Quil-A®

    • Quil-A is a highly purified and concentrated saponin adjuvant purified from bark extract of the Quillaja saponaria Molina tree which has been specifically developed for use as an adjuvant in vaccines • Quil-A saponin was originally purified and characterised by Dr. Pharm • Kristian Dalsgaard in 1974...
  • Product Aura Herbals Oregadrop - Oregano Oil Drops (30 ml)

    Approximately 60 daily portions

    - 100% natural ingredients
    - product suitable for vegans
    - oregano oil standardised for 80% carvacrol
    - the simplest composition, with no artificial additives
    - based on olive oil

  • Product Aura Herbals Turmeric extract, curcumin drops (30 ml)

    Approximately 37 daily portions

    - the simplest composition, with no unnecessary additives
    - contains NovaSOL® turmeric extract
    - liquid curcumin solubilizate - high bioavailability of the extract

    NovaSOL® is a solubilization technology which increases the assimilability o...
  • Product Aura Herbals Immune System Support - Natural Complex, 60 capsules

    30 daily portions 
    The plant cellulose capsule coating is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

    - the product is 100% suitable for vegans 
    - natural plant extracts
    - standardised extract of ginger (for gingerols) and garlic (for alliin)
    - high content of active ingredients

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