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Serialisation — looking for value-added opportunities

Recipharm's Staffan Widengren, Director Corporate Projects, discusses why CMOs should be focusing on the value-added opportunities presented by serialisation.

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Investing in blistering capabilities to boost flexibility

Postponement printing is presenting interesting benefits for the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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WuXi STA Changzhou site passes first FDA inspection

The integrated R&D and manufacturing facility is expecting more products to go into commercial production post approval.

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Latest news

Characterisation technologies for pharma manufacturers

Characterisation technologies for pharma manufacturers 

25 May 2018
Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations

Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations 

25 May 2018
The shortest way from the lab to continuous production

The shortest way from the lab to continuous production 

24 May 2018

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Latest products

Mung Bean Extract Vitexin+Isovitexin

Wuxi Cima Science Co., Ltd

Product Name:  Mung Bean ExtractSpecifications: Vitexin 10%, 20%, 50%, 98%
                             Isovitexin 10%, 20%, 50%, 98%                          &...

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plant extracts diosmin

Chengdu Runde Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

CAS No. 520-27-4, Diosmin, Formula: C28H32O15, Formula Weight:608.6, Purity:98%(Min,HPLC).Synonyms:3',5,7-Trihydroxy-4'-methoxyflavone 7-rutinoside

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Anklam Extrakt Poduct Portfolio

Anklam Extrakt GmbH

Premium Extracts – for your project
Our extract portfolio includes both extracts in line with the HMPC and/or Ph.Eur monograph for the pharmaceutical industry, and extracts for the food industry.
From A for Althaea (marshmallow) to V for Vaccinium (cranberry) - we offer you a sophisticated and innova...

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Scagel TULLE - Herbal Coated Hydrocolloid Dressing

Bangkok Botanica Co Ltd

CLINICIAN’S CHOICE - New Patented Technology for Open Wounds 

Scagel TULLE is a patented research product, which achieved Silver Medal for GENEVA INVENTOR 2017. 

Scagel TULLE is non-adherent, non-occlusive flexible contact layer. It i...

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The Panaxatriol Saponins Rg1+ Re

Ningbo Gianon Biotech Co Ltd

Product Name                        The Panaxatriol Saponins

Latin Name in Botany           Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer


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CBD Oils

MH medical hemp GmbH

Our Premix/ CBD Oil is a blend of refined hempseed oil and hemp extract.Custom variations of our products are available upon request. Please speak with our team to see how we can help build the perfect CBD product for your business.We are flexible in formulating CBD oils in accordance to any legal requirement...

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EDMF on record

EU WC, WHO GMP (COPP) available

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DNA certified extracts


EPO was the first in Europe to launch a line of DNA certified extracts to ensure the best quality to customers!
Through DNA barcoding the botanical specie of these extracts is 100% certified.
Download our products list below in "downloads"section and book a meeting for more information!

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Silymarin 80% ,Silybum Marianum,Milk Thistle Extract

Beijing Infoark Co Ltd

Product name

Milk thistle extract

Latin Name

Silybum marianum 

CAS no.


Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Appearance qq...

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Hangzhou Zhongbao I/E Corp Ltd

Hangzhou Zhongbao I/E Corp.,Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes α-ecdysone. Class: plant extract. Contact us for more information.

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Truffle Natural Slices

ChengDu Well Reach Co., Ltd

ChengDu Well Reach Co., Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes truffle natural slices. Contact us for more information.

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Plant Extracts

Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH - The NRC Group

Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH - The NRC Group offers a wide range of products which includes extracts. Application: capsules, tablets, sachets, powders. Contact us for more information.

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RNL Product List

Ransom Naturals Limited

RNL Product List

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Acai berry 1000 mg 120 capsules / weight loss diet / energy / appetite

Alfa Vitamins Laboratories Inc

Alfa Vitamins Laboratories,Inc offers wide range of herbal remedies and weight loss products which includes acai berry 1000 mg 120 capsules / weight loss diet / energy / appetite. It is an excellent dietary supplement. Contact us for more information.

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CBD Suppositories, total: 500mg CBD


Endoca provides a wide range of CBD products, which includes CBD suppositories, total: 500mg CBD. 

Each package contains 10 suppositories, 50mg of CBD each.
 Contact us for more information.

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Ziziphus Jujuba P.E.

Nanjing Bolka International Co Ltd

Nanjing Bolka International Co Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes ziziphus jujuba p.e. Category: plant extract. Contact us for more information.

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Yam Root 500 Mg Gph Capsules 60 Pieces

GALL-Pharma GmbH

GALL-Pharma GmbH offers a wide range of products which includes yam root 500 mg gph capsules 60 pieces. Features: it provides the body with nutrients so that it is able to produce vital hormones. Contact us for more information.

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Cbd Oil

Crystal Hemp SA

Our CBD oil is a formulatin created following the German pharmacopoeia combining our 99% pure crystal CBD with MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride oil), and represents the best choice for consumers with digestion problems, fat’s absorption, or absence of the cholecyst.Our CBD oil is easly assimilated by our or...

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Vitamins & OTC products

Lodaat Pharma

LODAAT produces the best quality USA made Vitamins, Herbal supplements, Minerals and OTC products.  Our finished formulations are available in Tablets and Capsules.  We have 3 US facilities producing Private Label and Branded goods in Bottles and Blister packaging.  Best selling products includ...

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Silymarin Soluble

Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Water Soluble Silymarin(Silymarin soluble)Characters:yellowish-brown powder,odorless, bitter in taste, water soluble.Specification:UV40%(Enterprise standard)Functions:Protect liver cell,accelerate liver cell regenerating and repairing.Use:Functional food,drink,health care product,feed additive for animalsPack...

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Yarrow herb dry extract (Millefolii herbae extractum siccum)


HERBAPOL Wroclaw offers a wide range of plant extracts which includes Yarrow herb dry extract (Millefolii herbae extractum siccum), DER 4:1.                            &n...

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Hubei Nokete Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

Hubei Nuokete Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes yanhuning. Features: it is an white or slightly yellow powder or lumps. It has detoxification and antiviral effect, mainly for viral pneumonia and viral upper respiratory tract infection. Contact us for more information.

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Quad Lifesciences Pvt Ltd


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LERTAL TABLETS - Allergy Simptoms

NTC S.r.l.

Unique and Innovative patented food supplement containing Quercetin, Vitamin D3 and dry extract of Perilla. 
Usage: For symptoms of nasal and/or ocular allergic rhinitis both seasonal and perennial. 
Preliminar clinical trial on adults to check efficacy completed. 
Large double b...

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Calcium Sennosides

Shashi Phytochemical Industries

Shashi Phytochemical industries have a fully integrated facility to manufacture APIs which includes calcium sennosides. It is as per Ph Eur/ BP/ USP/ food grade/ health and dietary supplement grade. Contact us for more information.

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Galenica S.A

CRETAN IAMA is a unique Greek natural product which has been developed after many years of research by distinguished researchers at the University of Crete who achieved to evolve the traditional practice into substantial knowledge. The long term scientific research has highlighted a combination of essential o...

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Breko GmbH

OleoGrape®SEED is a natural standardized polyphenols extract made from selected French olives and grapes, with guaranteed contents in active components:
 Total Polyphenols: ≥ 95%
 Procyanidins (OPC): ≥ 15%
 Hydroxytyrosol: ≥ 6%

OleoGrape®SEED is a production pate...

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Yohimbine HCl

Chereso Lifesciences

Chereso Lifesciences is  manufacturer of APIs/Standardized Herbal Extracts as per pharmacopoeial standards.  To know more, please visit us at

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Extraction process and analytical development of Natural Products

Inkemia IUCT Group

Inkemia IUCT Group offers a wide range of services which includes natural extracts for development. Features: it includes development and validation of analytical methods for identification and purity determination by means of separation and characterization of impurities and degradation products, and set up ...

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Resveratrol / Polygonum cuspidatum Extract

Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Co Ltd

Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Co., Ltd. is a Pre-listed professional herbal extracts and APIs manufacturer with Five Plants in China, Three Warehouses in USA(CA,NY,FL), One warehouse in Europe

Changsha Huir Biological-Tech C...

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