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The well-known Spanish company, Bordas, established in 1922, offers a wide range of specialised and high-quality products for food and beverage applications as well as for pharmaceutical and veterinary industries, all of them distributed around the world in all the international markets.

Our constantly growing Pharmaceutical portfolio offers high-quality raw materials such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Excipients obtained from natural sources suitable for the development of medicines, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and animal health solutions that meet international quality standards (GMP, CEP, ISO 9001,FAMI QS, HALAL, KOSHER):
·         Diosmin, Hesperidin and other Flavonoids
·         Aroma Chemicals
·         Essential oils
·         Flavours
·         Sweeteners and Bittering Agents (NHDC and Naringin)

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