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·         Nutraceuticals (Carotenoids Range) - First Hexane Free extracted Lutein and Lutein Ester (US, Japan and Europe patented), Zeaxanthin & Natural Astaxanthin. Ginger Extract Complying EP/USP pesticides limits, Curcumin 95%, Curcumin 10% CWS, Veg DHA, Solvent free Coleus 10%

·         MAXICUMA® The first Green Biocurcumin - Instant Cold Water Soluble Curcumin S...

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Products from India Glycols Limited (5)

  • Thiocolchicoside

    Product Thiocolchicoside

    IP/FP/EP-Ethanol Crystallized/Hydrate EU WC WHO GMP (COPP)
  • Vinpocetine

    Product Vinpocetine

    EP/BPEDMF on record 
    EU WC, WHO GMP (COPP) available

    Product COLCHICINE

    EP/BP/USP/CP/IP/JP EDMF/ DMF on record 
    EU written confirmation 
    WHO GMP COPP available

    Product NICOTINE

    EP/USP 99% EDMF/DMF on record
    Nicotine Salts and dilution bases
    Nicotine Dihydrate Ditartrate
    Nicotine Polacrilex

    Product CURCUMIN

    DMF on recordWHO GMP(COPP) available
    JP 95% Green Ethanol Extract