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Breko is one of the leading suppliers of wines, pharmaceutical base wines, spirits, food and health ingredients for more than 20 years. Our focus is on the distributionof polyphenol-based ingredients such as grape and olive extracts (exGrape™ SEED, exGrape™ TOTAL, Olivex™, OleoGrape™ SEED) and resveratrol (Veri-te™), which is produced by an innovative fermentation process. New in our portfolio: Re...

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Products from Breko GmbH (3)

  • Veri-te™ Resveratrol

    Product Veri-te™ Resveratrol

    • Produced by Evolva Switzerland using an innovative yeast fermentation process.  • Veri-te™ Resveratrol is pure and highly concentrated with > 98 % trans-resveratrol, free of contaminants (e.g.  pesticides, emodin & PAHs), consistent from batch to batch and versatile, due to off-whi...
  • exGrape™ Grape seed extracts

    Product exGrape™ Grape seed extracts

    • exGrape™ SEED extracts produced from French & European grape seeds AND extracted in France.   • Improved analysis by using the Dimer Procyanidin B2 as standard for the quantification of oligomer procyanidins. • exGrape™ SEED OPCFR available as agglomerated powder (G) characterised by improv...
  • exGrape™ Grape TOTAL extracts

    Product exGrape™ Grape TOTAL extracts

    • Produced by GrapSud, a company processing grapes, olives and wines into ingredients for over 50 years. • Sustainable production of upcycled ingredients: All by-products are processed and used in various areas (circular economy). Process water is treated in wastewater treatment plants and then used ...