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Zhejiang Yixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, set up in 1989, is a GMP certified pharmaceutical company, specializing in the development, production and sales of Traditional Chinese Medicine, natural API, herbal extracts and carbohydrates. Major herbal and carbohydrates include Usnic Acid, EGCG, Catechin ,Galanthamine HBr, Camptothecin, Plant derived D-Galactose, L-arabinose, D-Mannose and their deri...

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  • Plant-derived (non-animal derived, NAD) D-Galactose

    Product Plant-derived (non-animal derived, NAD) D-Galactose

    Plant derived, low endotoxin D-galactose is specifically for biopharmaceutical use, It can serve as a key, chemically defined component to optimize protein production while reducing lactate and ammonia formation.  • Plant-derived, NAD Yixin’s plant derived D-galactose (NAD) is  completely from ...
  • Plant-derived L-Arabinose (not from corn source)

    Product Plant-derived L-Arabinose (not from corn source)

    dAs a low-calorie sugar-substituting sweetener, the relative sweetness of L-Arabinose equals to half of the Sucrose’s.  Some research suggested that L-Arabinose selectively inhibit sucrose absorption and then inhibit the increase of blood sugar. Furthermore, L-Arabinose is an intermediate in flavor in...
  • Plant-derived (natural extracted) D-Mannose

    Product Plant-derived (natural extracted) D-Mannose

    Our product is from natural extraction instead of chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation or biological transformation. Plant derived, no GMO source D-mannose has low risk , specifically for biopharmaceutical use, It can serve as a key component to ensure consistency of therapeutic glycosylation and pot...

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