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  • Product Dermial

    Dermial is a hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient containing a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (60-75%), other glycosaminoglycans (>10%) and collagen (>5%) that helps to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Exhibiting anti-ageing and regenerative properties, it en...
  • Product Chloramphenicol

    Chloramphenicol BP EP

    Pharmaceutical raw material chloramphneicol powder
  • Product Pancreatin powder

    Nordmark Pharma GmbH provides a wide range of biological APIs which include pancreatin powder produced in Germany. It is differentiated by excellent free-flow properties and a high bulk density. The material can be used for direct compression tablet formulations. Diverse pancreatin powder product quali...
  • Product Native ( Undenatirated) Chicken Collagen type II

    Native (Undenaturated) chicken collagen type II for Application in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Low daily dose for effective treatment
    Several studies have shown that oral intake of low doses of native chicken collagen type II has positive effects in patients with R...
  • Product Heparin Sodium

    EU-GMP certified process. From mucosa to API all at one production site.
  • Product PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide)

    PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide) is a mixture of deoxyribonucleotides derived from a controlled purification process of Salmon Trout or Chum Salmon sperm DNA which makes sure its safety and stability. PDRN activates the adenosine A2A receptors and generates nucleotides that can contribute to DNA formation, t...
  • Product Hemin from porcine blood

    Kraeber & Co GmbH offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products. We are GMP, GDP and ISO 9001:2015 certified. You can find our product list in the download files. For further information, please contact us:

    A ferrous porphyrin manufactured of animal blood cells. Made in Ge...
  • Product DAOgest

    DAOgest – containing high-quality diamine oxidase (DAO) enzyme – is an ideal solution for dietary supplement manufacturers looking to develop products that specifically target consumers suffering from histamine intolerance or DAO enzyme deficiency. By taking DAOgest, they can enjoy the food and drink t...
  • Product Tendaxion

    Tendaxion® is a specific science-backed ingredient for tendon health containing mucopolysaccharides and hydrolysed collagen. It is recommended to individuals who suffer from tendon conditions, in combination with physical therapy, to nourish the tendon and help maintain its ...
  • Product Collavant n2

    Collavant n2 is a trusted source of quality native (undenatured) type II collagen extracted from chicken sternum. Endorsed by multiple scientific studies, it is highly efficacious at a low dose and supported by Bioiberica’s 20+ years’ experience in joint health and mobility innovation.

  • Product Mobilee

    Mobilee is our hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient extracted from rooster comb containing a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (60-75%) and other components, including polysaccharides (>10%) and collagen (>5%). Thanks to the synergistic effect of these three naturally...
  • Product Heparinoid sodium

    From mucosa to API - all at one production site. 
  • Product Pancreatin

    Production from glands collected by own personnel at approved slaughterhuses. EU-GMP audit applied for 2018
  • Product Heparin calcium

    From mucosa to API-all at one production site. EU-GMP audit applied for 2018
  • Product Enoxaparin Sodium

    Production starts from our own Heparin Sodium.. EU-GMP inspection applied for 2018. 
  • Product Finished Formulations

    We are a leading third-party manufacturer of health supplements and nutraceuticals in private labeling with more than 800 product portfolios, you can make any type of tailor-made products in capsules, or tablets. effervescent, sprays, syrups, drops, sachets, powder, and candies. We have our in-house label...
  • Product Customised Premix Solutions

    We have a wide range of premixes which leads to solving headaches for manufacturers by saving time, Money, and resorces.
    We have the following solid form of premises: Customized Powder Nutrient Premixes Vitamin premixes Vitamins & minerals premixes MNP-Micronutrient powder Pre & Pro bios prem...
  • Product Walk in Cooling Cabinet.

    The Walk-In Cooling Cabinets / cold rooms are designed according to ICH guidelines, WHO, MCA and USFDA requirements to maintain uniform conditions. They are superior in airflow distribution, temperature control technology, cabinet construction and are manufactured as per cGMP regulations.
    Biggest Walk...
  • Product Animal Sera

    We produce our high quality sera in a completely seperated production area.
    FBS of different origins (e.g. US), Donor Horse, other animal sera are part of our portfolio.
    We also serve the option of vast viral testing and further serum treatment for highest standards in bioproduction.

    Caltron has newly developed this another natural source of calcium carbonate derived from Egg Shells. This product is an excellent replacement to the mined source of calcium as the latter being natural provides superior calcium absorption in the body without any side effects. The egg shells used goes throu...

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