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BIOFAC is an innovative company with almost 70 years of manufacturing expertise supplying natural bulk ingredients. We manufacture Biological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients such as: Thyroid, Prostate Extract, Bionuclease, Thrombin, Pepsin, Thymomodulin, Placenta extract.

We are one of the largest manufacturer of Lactulose as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. Further to this we offer GMP filling services for Lactulose and other oral liquid products on the contract manufacturer basis.

All our APIs hold EU-GMP compliance certificates...

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Products from Biofac A/S (5)

  • Thyroid

    Product Thyroid

    BIOFAC manufactures Thyroid Powder from porcine thyroid gland according to USP with standardized content of both T3 and T4 hormones.
    The oral products with Thyroid Powder is a well-known option for patients with hypothyroidism. Thyroid Powder is easily absorbed by human body and shown to ha...
  • Native ( Undenatirated) Chicken Collagen type II

    Product Native ( Undenatirated) Chicken Collagen type II

    Native (Undenaturated) chicken collagen type II for Application in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Low daily dose for effective treatment
    Several studies have shown that oral intake of low doses of native chicken collagen type II has positive effects in patients with R...
  • Chicken Collagen Type II

    Product Chicken Collagen Type II

    Chicken Collagen Type IIRaw Material:

    Cartilage from chicken controlled by an official veterinarian and approved for human consumption 

    Type II collagen is the most abundant collagen found in hyaline cartilage comprising 80 to 90% of the total collagen content. Chicken collagen I...
  • Elastin

    Product Elastin

    Role of elastin for maintenance of young and healthy skin
    Elastic fibres is an essential part of human skin. They are required to maintain elastic function of the skin over lifetime. Loss of elasticity, as a result of elastic fibre degradation, is a major contributing factor in ageing of connective tiss...
  • Lactulose

    Product Lactulose

    BIOFAC supplies Lactulose Liquid as API in bulk in compliance with EP and USP or as OEM finished products in various packaging.

    Danipharm Lactulose Liquid API

    Danipharm Lactulose Liquid API complies with both EP and USP. Lactulose is manufactured at Danipharm A/S in Denmark ...