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KND Labs earns Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients certification for CBD ingredients

12 May 2020

Company's manufacturing methods and processes reviewed by an independent third-party auditor to ensure the products have the highest-quality ingredients possible.

KND Labs, a manufacturer of hemp-derived ingredients, has earned the accreditation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

The announcement recognizes KND as a certified manufacturer of CBD (cannabidiol) for pharmaceutical applications. On the heels of KND's National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) certification, the Colorado-based manufacturer is one of the only companies in the world with both certifications. In addition, KND recently submitted their UK Novel Foods ingredient application for review by the European Union.

Earlier this month, the DEA announced the de-scheduling of GW Pharmaceuticals' Epidiolex, which has marijuana-derived CBD. Although KND ingredients are hemp-derived, which has long been considered a de-scheduled substance, it is a significant move towards CBD being widely recognized for pharmaceutical use.

"We are thrilled to receive our API certification and the ability to propel CBD into the pharmaceutical space," said Nich Wilson, president of KND.

KND formulates heavily certified products, including its pure, plant-based CBD ingredients and customizable blends, allowing the pharmaceutical industry to gain confidence in CBD ingredients. The company claims its formulations adhere to the highest quality standards for manufacturing and testing to achieve the safest product available on the market. Currently, KND produces 1.2 billion doses per month, with the ability to increase capacity with new partners.

KND underwent a rigorous review of all manufacturing methods and processes by an independent third-party auditor to ensure the products have the highest-quality ingredients possible to provide reliability and consistency for finished goods to be used within pharmaceuticals.

"Our team is proud to be at the forefront of certification, compliance and purity in our manufacturing process," said Haakon Currie, compliance manager at KND. "It has always been our goal to distribute high-quality, plant-based CBD ingredients around the world."

In addition to being API and NASC certified, KND is cGMP 111 and 117 certified, ISO 9001:2015 certified and EFfCI (cosmetic euGMP) certified, as well as Kosher certified.

In its two modern facilities in Lakewood, Colorado, and Arvada, Colorado, KND extracts quality, finished bulk ingredients for brands and manufacturers. The company is able to control the manufacturing process of its hemp-derived ingredients by extracting specific cannabinoid profiles to produce CBD, CBG and the isolation of other hemp-derived cannabinoids in a variety of forms including powdered isolate, distillate oils and liquid or powder water-soluble products.

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