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  • Product Aura Herbals Chlorophyll from white mulberry, concentrate, drops (30 ml)

     Approximately 90 daily portions

    - the product is suitable for vegans  
    - the simplest composition, with no unnecessary additives
    - convenient to use - bottle with an accurate applicator

  • Product Botanical Extracts

    Aceto offers a wide range of Botanical Extracts including but not limited to Rhodiola Roses and Ginseng.  Aceto links its customers and manufacturing suppliers globally to best match capabilities and quality with customer needs to deliver unique solutions.  
  • Product ARTERINORM

    ARTERINORM is a food supplement, containing a complex of natural substances which are beneficial for the physiological control of cholesterol plasma levels. The efficacy of this product is documented in several published clinical trials (total 1700+ patients).
    Cardiology / Metabolism / Endocrinology
  • Product Spirularin Nail Serum with microbial protection

    Spirularin Nail Serum is using the strong antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties of the micro algae Spiralin to care and regenerate problematic nails, e.g. at diabetic feet. The application of Spirularin Nail Serum is recommended in the compendium 'The Big Book Of Nail Diseases' Anke Niede...
  • Product PLANoràl®

    Eubiosis of the oral cavity. Antioxidant.
  • Product Melliferat Ointment

    Rich natural honey ointment used for the skin care. Melliferat ointment moisturises and soothes irritated and dehydrated skin. It reduces itching. Ointment can be used for the cosmetic uses only.

    The unique properties of honey have been known since ancient times. Honey cosmetic product is produced ...
  • Product Natural Herbal Extract, Cranberry Extract , Elderberry Extract , Ganoderma Extract , Garlic Extract , etc

    Natural Herbal Ingredients solution provider to use in nutraceutical market and health supplements , 
  • Product Aura Herbals Immune System Support - Natural Complex, 60 capsules

    30 daily portions 
    The plant cellulose capsule coating is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

    - the product is 100% suitable for vegans 
    - natural plant extracts
    - standardised extract of ginger (for gingerols) and garlic (for alliin)
    - high content of active ingredients
  • Product Aura Herbals Turmeric extract, curcumin drops (30 ml)

    Approximately 37 daily portions

    - the simplest composition, with no unnecessary additives
    - contains NovaSOL® turmeric extract
    - liquid curcumin solubilizate - high bioavailability of the extract

    NovaSOL® is a solubilization technology which increases the assimilability o...
  • Product Aura Herbals Oregadrop - Oregano Oil Drops (30 ml)

    Approximately 60 daily portions

    - 100% natural ingredients
    - product suitable for vegans
    - oregano oil standardised for 80% carvacrol
    - the simplest composition, with no artificial additives
    - based on olive oil


    FEMAFERTI GEL, a medical device Class IIa based on sugars, mineral salts, creatine, carnitine, Hyaluronic acid and Lactic acid. It creates an optimal invironment for spermatozoa, assistsmaintaining a suitable pH for natural conception and is characterized by seminal fluid-compatibleosmolality. The efficacy of...
  • Product Thymox®

    Expectorant (used in productive cough associated with cold, and bronchitis). Digestive. Spasmolytic, carminative. Antioxidant.Balsamic, antiseptic for the throat and the respiratory system. Flavouring agent. Topical use: skin protecting.

    Caltron's Coral Calcium Powder "AQUACAL" is manufactured by using dead coral reefs found on the seashore. This exceptional complex of fossilized coral calcium is naturally enriched with an abundance of trace minerals that allow for effortless absorption and optimal utilization. Extreme care is used when proce...
  • Product Redgine - Red Skin Ginger Extract

    RedGine is a Red Skin Ginger product’s Brand from Herbal Indonesia, which consists of various kinds of red skin ginger derivative products for various applications.

    We have 3 variants of product, which are:
    1. Redgine PE 701 Extract (Suitable for food & beverages)
    2. Redgine PE 003 Ext...
  • Product lutein

    Specification:1) Orange crystal or powder or oil liquid2) Easily soluble in ethanol and acetone. 3) Insoluble in water.

    Application:Can be used as a feed additive, pigment and pharmaceutical material. When used as an antioxidant it can prevent many diseases, including cancer.
  • Product Poly Herbal Formula Products

    Accuprec has developed 13 patented poly herbal formulations for various chronic diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Rhematoid Arthritis, Liver diseases, Osteoarthritis etc.
  • Product Cannabidivarine (CBDV)

    【CAS No.】24274-48-4
    【Molecular Formula】C19H26O2
    【Molecular weight】286.41
    【Character】White or light yellow crystal powder
    【Solubility】It is almost insoluble in water, but can dissolve in ethanol, methanol and other organic solution.
    【Source】Extract from Industri...
  • Product Chenodeoxycholic acid 95%

    Produced from Avian bile
  • Product Chondroitin sulfate

    Bovine and Avian originEur. Ph Grade and Nutra/USP Grade
  • Product Semi-synthetic Paclitaxel

    Product Name:  10-DAB Semi-synthetic Paclitaxel
    CAS:  33069-62-4
    Type: APIs
    Formula:  C47H51NO14
    Sourcing:  Taxus yunnanensis Cheng et L. K. Fu;    Taxus wallichiana var. mairei (Leme & H. Lv.) L. K. Fu & Nan Li
    ASSAY:  98-101%

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