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  • Product ARTERINORM

    ARTERINORM is a food supplement, containing a complex of natural substances which are beneficial for the physiological control of cholesterol plasma levels. The efficacy of this product is documented in several published clinical trials (total 1700+ patients).
    Cardiology / Metabolism / Endocrinology
  • Product Melliferat Ointment

    Rich natural honey ointment used for the skin care. Melliferat ointment moisturises and soothes irritated and dehydrated skin. It reduces itching. Ointment can be used for the cosmetic uses only.

    The unique properties of honey have been known since ancient times. Honey cosmetic product is produced ...
  • Product Spirularin Nail Serum with microbial protection

    Spirularin Nail Serum is using the strong antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties of the micro algae Spiralin to care and regenerate problematic nails, e.g. at diabetic feet. The application of Spirularin Nail Serum is recommended in the compendium 'The Big Book Of Nail Diseases' Anke Niede...
  • Product Citric Acid Coated Granules

    Available in 96% w/w & 98% w/w

    Moisture Protective Coating

    25 Kg Paper bag lined with double polythene bags.
  • Product Cardiose

    Unique natural orange extract  that supports healthy blood vessels and boosts physical performance.Cardiose has the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) designation in food and medical food by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free Solution.
    To learn more about ...
  • Product PharsNutri Monomor Compounds

    Skuny developed high purity active ingredient  from grams to tons of production, in which DMF registration has three, two are registered CEP, five is preparing, DMF file has more than 30 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies to establish and expand the cooperation.
  • Product VENONORM

    VENONORM tablets is a combination of natural elements, is based on purified bioflavonoids, Diosmin, Rutin, Ruscus aculeatus, Solidago and OPC which enhances the microcirculation of lower limbs, the normal venous circulation of the hemorrhoidal plexus and helps the drainage of body fluids. Venonorm® can be...
  • Product FEMAGINAL PLUS ovules

    FEMAGINAL PLUS ovules is a medical device Class IIa based on an improved formula of Boricacid, Hyaluronic acid, Polycarbophyl, Lactic acid, Tocopheryl acetate, Vitamin A, 18-Betaglycyrrhetinicacid and Tea tree oil, indicated in the treatment of vaginal dryness, irritations, burning and infections.

    FEMAFERTI GEL, a medical device Class IIa based on sugars, mineral salts, creatine, carnitine, Hyaluronic acid and Lactic acid. It creates an optimal invironment for spermatozoa, assistsmaintaining a suitable pH for natural conception and is characterized by seminal fluid-compatibleosmolality. The efficacy of...
  • Product Diosmin

    Naturally derived, safe and effective ingredient that promotes healthy circulation and addresses vascular discomforts. 

    To learn more about Diosmin, please get in touch with our team at CPHI Discover or send your inquiry to: [email protected]
  • Product TROJA tablets

    TROJA tablets offer an effective alternative to the treatment of premature ejaculation and guarantees, thanks to its natural ingredients, fewer side effects than conventional drugs. The efficacy is supported by clinical evidence. (food supplement)
    Urology / Men's Health / Sexual Health
  • Product DORMANORM Forte

    DORMANORM Forte, Melatonin bi-layer tablets based on 1.9mg melatonine fast release forimmediate efficacy and a slow release (2 hours) of Passionflower, Valerian, California poppy, LemonBalm, Vit. B12 and B6 to improve the sleep quality as well as the duration of sleep.
    (food supplement) CNS / Central Ne...
  • Product DOMA AFFRON

    DOMA AFFRON capsules, prepared from a patented extraction process along with standardization of the strongest actives in Saffron, allows for a very effective product against stress and depression as proven in the clinical study, with Double Mechanism action against depression, stress and anxiety:
  • Product FEMAVITA

    FEMAVITA soft gelatine capsules provide a full range of essential vitamins and minerals for women before conception, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. (food supplement)

  • Product FEMANIN

    FEMANIN capsules, containing Genistein, Magnesium, Reservatrol, Vit. B1, Vit. D, Vit. E and Hop extract, is a multifunctional product for women suffering from menopausal symptoms including physical activity and mood disorders, hot flushes and bone trophism. (food supplement)
    Women's Health / Gynaec...
  • Product FEMANAU chewable tabs

    FEMANAU chewable tablets is an effective treatment of nausea and vomiting. (food supplement)
    Women's Health / Gynaecology
  • Product COMFORT KIDS

    COMFORT KIDS, a unique decongestant patch (consumer product) for the symptomatic treatment of nasal congestion, containing eucalyptus oil. The patch is to be applied on the outside of the clothes, preferably at breast level, and starts releasing vapors of its essential oils that lasts for 8 hours, thus c...
  • Product FEMASEA

    FEMASEA, a safe and well tolerated nutritional supplement (food supplement) based on Ginger, Magnesium and Vit. B6 for women who suffer from morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy.


    HYDROGEL BREAST DISCS are an advanced treatment for broken skin, creating the optimal condition for healing and restoring the skin’s natural level of moisture, to allow breastfeeding in comfort. Thanks to this special design the hydrogel breast discs:
    · Soothe sore and creaked nipples
  • Product TEETHING GEL

    TEETHING GEL, practical gel which forms a mucoadhesive film that protects the gums from the irritation and pain caused by the emergence of the newborn’s first teeth. The plant-based ingredients help reduce local redness and pain. The product DOES NOT contain local anaesthetics or ingredients of pharmaceut...

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