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About Caricol Digestive & Immune Health GmbH

Caricol, established in Austria 2003, is developing and producing natural remedies for digestive & immune health. 100% natural – 100% certified organic! The most precious cooperation with the Hawaiian Lotus Buddhist Monastery provides access to deep knowledge about the efficacy of plants and fruits. In particular, how health properties and efficacy can be t...

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    Product CARICOL®

    Caricol® – GI-Tonic
    Food for Special Medical Purposes – Constipation, Flatulence, Heartburn

    Ingredients & Preparation

    Caricol® is made from the pulp of certified organic, GMO-free, tree-ripened papaya. Using a proprietary, patented me...
  • Caricol®-Gastro

    Product Caricol®-Gastro

    Dietetic food for special medical purposes (balanced diet).
    For the dietary treatment of Gastritis. Calms an irritated or inflamed gastric mucosa and alleviates the pain caused by Gastritis.

  • Caricol® Derma - sensitive

    Product Caricol® Derma - sensitive

    Caricol® Derma – sensitive


    The main components of Caricol® Derma – sensitive are special preparations made from organic papaya, organic oats, organic coconut oil and organic neem tincture. Each of these ingredients fulfills an important function in Caricol® ...