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  • Product Mikron Polyfeed - standalone flexible feeding system

    You can count on it for unmatched flexibility, short delivery time, reusability and speed. Mikron Polyfeed is a flexible feeding system based on the use of visual recognition and vertical vibration systems to identify parts in their various forms and positions. The feeding speed can reach up to 100 pic...
  • Product Robotic vial filling line

    Robotic vial filling line
  • Product KUFill System

    Shanghai tofflon science & technology co. Ltd offers a wide range of filling lines which includes ampoule filling line. Features: it is integrated with washing machine, sterilizing tunnel, filling and sealing machine, it reduces any potential contamination risk from human operation. Contcat us for more...
  • Product CERES POC

    Point of Care Diagnostic Devices allow individuals the convenience to conduct self-screening and immediately consider treatment options. Testing for COVID-19 dominates the news lately, but many other diseases and conditions can now be reliably detected using POC devices. Demand for in-home testing is growi...
  • Product ProMoCurve - Assembly platform for medical equipment

    The ProMoCurve from Strama-MPS is an assembly platform for a wide variety of consumables in the life science industry, such as

    inhalers, insulin pens, lancing devices or laboratory disposables. It is based on a modular platform that can be expanded almost at will.

    This means that we a...
  • Product Assembly and test systems for injection systems

    Our customers have to manufacture sophisticated injection products in large quantities. This requires highly accurate assembly and functional test processes. teamtechnik has developed a unique expertise in this area and provides reliable assembly solutions for pre-assembly, final assembly a...
  • Product GENiSYS Lab

    AST’s GENiSYS Lab bench top systems are ideal for drug product development, process development, and small batch cGMP production applications. Each system is designed to automate the critical aseptic operations for vial, syringe and cartridge processing to reduce contamination risk and product variability....
  • Product Mikron Tray Handler - highly configurable handler

    Mikron supplies a highly standardized tray handler capable of dealing with a range of applications from single tray to multiple stack, for tray sizes from 300 x 400 to 400 x 600 mm, and designed for parts that are susceptible to damage or contamination if fed using other methods such as bowl feeders. q...
  • Product Mikron MAIA - low volume assembly and test system to produce single or multiple variants

    The Mikron MAIA is a low volume assembly and test system to produce single or multiple variants of medical devices such as auto-injectors, pen injectors or syringes. All key assembly processes are automated to ensure quality and data collection. The station parameters can be re-used for later productio...
  • Product Mikron G05 - modular assembly and test cell

    The Mikron G05™ linear assembly cell is based on the use of standardized building blocks which offer flexibility and modularity. The proven and stable Mikron G05 platform ensures speed, precision and reliability of your automation solution.

    The platform makes use of a cam drive for all p...
  • Product Mikron manual bench - for medical device assembly

    The system allows customers to test the design on a small scale to ensure processes are correct and match the device assembly specifications. The manual bench is used primarily for pen injectors, auto-injectors and safety syringes.

  • Product CENTAURI IVD

    The demand for pipette tips has exploded due to the pandemic, while the requirement to manufacture them accurately and efficiently remains. As specialists in high-end automation, MA micro automation accepted the challenge to create a modular system supporting up to 64-cavity injection molding. What’s so sp...
  • Product Assembly and test systems for medical disposables / plastic assemblies

    Dispensing pumps, stopcocks, tubing sets and other medical disposables are mass-produced and marketed in huge volumes. We have developed the fast-cycle TEAMED RTS assembly system especially for this purpose. Its mechanical cam drive guarantees stable processes and high volumes for decades to come  - 2...
  • Product GENiSYS C

    GENiSYS C is a highly flexible aseptic filling and closing machine used for processing vials, syringes and cartridges on a single compact machine. The system is integrated with advanced features to ensure each container is handled with care and consistently produces high quality products. The system is ide...
  • Product ASEPTiCell

    ASEPTiCell is an aseptic fill-finish system specifically designed for cGMP filling of sterile injectable products. The ASEPTiCell integrates industry proven technologies such as robotics and isolator-barrier systems to provide the most technologically advanced system for filling pre-sterilized vials, syrin...
  • Product GENiSYS R

    GENiSYS R is an aseptic filling and closing system that solves small-batch production challenges. GENiSYS R uses flexible robotic automation to process ready-to-fill vials, syringes and cartridges. GENiSYS R offers standard modular configurations that allow the system to be tailored with isolator systems, ...
  • Product HEKUlab - Automation System for Laboratory Vessels

    With its fully automated production line – the HEKUlab - HEKUMA has created a solution for companies that manufacture laboratory products such as reaction vessels, cuvettes, microtubes. The platform aims to meet all current quality and safety requirements for the processing of laboratory ...
  • Product HEKUtip - Automation System for Pipette Tips

    With HEKUtip we offer a platform that meets all the current market requirements for the manufacture and processing of Pipette Tips.
    Our concepts offer a wide variety of solutions: from the fully automated overall concepts with camera inspection or cavity-separated handling to a stand-alone filter ...
  • Product HEKUdish - Automation System for Petri Dishes

    With HEKUdish we offer a platform that meets all the current market requirements for the manufacturing and processing of Petri Dishes.With a flexible design the system can be configured forspecific products such as contact dishes and cell culture bottles, providing you with a customized solution withmaximi...

    Mechanical engineering and production facilities
    In production plants, one of the most critical aspects of production is to ensure flexibility in order to be able to respond quickly to customer needs. As part of our activity, we deal with the development of concepts, design and construction of product...

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