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  • Product Lonza Engine(TM) Equipment portfolio

    Lonza Engine™ offers state-of-the-art equipment designed to address the needs of customers throughout the entire drug development process including:  ​  ​

    ·         Liquid-filled hard capsules filling and sealing equipment: support fo...
  • Product Automation Engineering Solutions

    We provide solutions and technologies that reduce human intervention and increase efficiency.

    Automation is offered in DCS projects independent of the automation vendor. We offer professional services in implementing Automation process control and maintenance in accordance with industry standards ...
  • Product Vision Robot Unit (VRU)

    We present a modular, robotic, proof-of-concept system for inspecting parenterals. By employing artificial intelligence principles and applying the technology to the inspection task, we engineered the Vision Robot Unit (VRU).
    The VRU is a reliable, autonomous island machine, capable o...
  • Product Plant Debottlenecking by Continuous Manufacturing Case Study

    Debottlenecking through Continuous Production Capacity increase by means of small skids in the batch plantContinuous production will help you solve the bottlenecks you are currently facing with batch production. The advantages of continuous production are countless, but we have summarized an...
  • Product Development and engineering services by GEMÜ

    GEMÜ engages with its customers at an early stage and supports them in all aspects of product development. From conceptual design, mould engineering, material consulting to sterilization and regulatory support, we can provide all competencies in-house. In addition, our developments are supported by sim...
  • Product bottelpack Advanced Aseptic Systems

    Rommelag’s bottelpack machines are capable of manufacturing up to 34,000 containers an hour in a wide variety of forms and plastic blends, with filling volumes ranging from 0.1 to 1,000 ml, aseptically, and taking all the applicable pharmaceutical regulations into account. Sounds good, you say? That’s w...
  • Product High Speed Insulin Injection Pen Assembly Line

    Customized High speed indexed assembly machine with 100% in line control

    Csv Life Science offers Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering services.
  • Product Process Plant Master Plant

    The IKA Master Plant homogenizing and emulsifying plant is a universal mixing plant developed for the production of emulsions and suspensions in the pharmaceuticals industry in particular, but also in the food, beverages, cosmetics and chemical industries. The plant is GMP-compliant and guarantees ...
  • Product Integrated solution for solid dosage/water system/API

    We provide:
    - Turnkey project  
    - Integral production line solutions           
    - Conceptual&detailed design
    - Pharma process/formula development  &...
  • Product Qualification & Engineering

    The act of Validation, originally addressed only to sterilized equipment, now involves all product, process and facility matters.Choose PQE's solutions to ensure that your plant site meets your business objectives while being fully compliant with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice regulations and stand...
  • Product Training

    Our Subject Matter Experts provide training that fulfill all regulatory requirements

    Training is an integral part of GMPs. The operations involved in the manufacture of regulated products are highly technical in nature. Inadequate training of personnel can result in products failing to meet the ...
  • Product Toxicology

    Our experts ensure clients' safety by protecting them from pharmaceutical hazards

    At PharmEng Technology, we understand the importance of evaluating the toxicity and safety of biopharmaceuticals, therapeutic proteins, chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and components.

  • Product Thermal Mapping

    We protect the integrity and quality of your temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products to meet all regulatory requirements

    PharmEng Technology has developed standards and methods to perform thermal process ratings according to your specifications. Our professionals are equipped with the righ...
  • Product Quality Systems

    We establish and manage quality systems specifically tailored to clients’ operational needs.

    Our clients understand the importance of establishing a robust quality system; The effort in maintaining a strong quality system not only ensures that the products and services meet the customer expectat...
  • Product Regulatory Affairs

    We provide solutions to meet both local and global regulatory requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

    PharmEng supports Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Over-The-Counter (OTC), Animal Health, Radiopharmaceuticals, Clinical Trial Products, Medical Devices, Combination Products, Natur...
  • Product Project Management

    Our experts incorporate the most modern and efficient Project Management techniques to ensure all project goals and objectives are met

    PharmEng Technology has recognized that Project Management is essential throughout the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device industries.
  • Product Engineering

    We help bring concept ideas to life

    PharmEng engineers are experienced in building scalable and robust pharmaceutical production facilities and processes while employing state of the art techniques to meet and exceed operational and regulatory requirements.

    Our experts have succes...
  • Product Commissioning & Qualification

    Our qualified consultants strive to exceed your project goals and objectives

    Our flexibility and project experiences range from the qualification of an individual piece of equipment to an entire facility.
    Our PharmEng professionals have extensive experience in the development, imple...
  • Product Validation

    Our team of experts will prepare necessary protocols incorporating all critical parameters

    Process Validation:

    PharmEng professionals possess experience in validating pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Our team of experts will prepare necessary protocols i...

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