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  • Product Lonza Engine(TM) Equipment portfolio

    Lonza Engine™ offers state-of-the-art equipment designed to address the needs of customers throughout the entire drug development process including:  ​  ​

    ·         Liquid-filled hard capsules filling and sealing equipment: support fo...

    Our line of stainless steel mixer/dissolvers is suitable for all pharmaceutical application fields, the systems are fully customizable according to user needs.

    There are many combinations, mixing, dissolution and thermoregulation of the product, liquid analysis, weighing and dosing us...
  • Product Validation

    Our team of experts will prepare necessary protocols incorporating all critical parameters

    Process Validation:

    PharmEng professionals possess experience in validating pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Our team of experts will prepare necessary protocols i...

    Conceptual study
    Develop of Conceptual Study as first step of a project approach. This phase helps the user orthe investor to understand the technical feasibility of the project and to have a first economic impact defining a budget price. 
    Basic designBasic design development that ...
  • Product Syringe Assembly, Testing and Packaging

    Customised assembly and testing machines for medical devices, Syringes, etc
  • Product MC DecJet® Spiral Jet Mills

    The new 4th generation MC DecJet® systems stand for: • Narrow Particle Size Distribution (PSD)
    • Simple and rapid assembly/disassembly • Limited number of components • High yields • Low energy consumption • Sterile manufacturing • PSD scalability with all MC DecJet® models
  • Product Plant Debottlenecking by Continuous Manufacturing Case Study

    Debottlenecking through Continuous Production Capacity increase by means of small skids in the batch plantContinuous production will help you solve the bottlenecks you are currently facing with batch production. The advantages of continuous production are countless, but we have summarized an...
  • Product bottelpack Advanced Aseptic Systems

    Rommelag’s bottelpack machines are capable of manufacturing up to 34,000 containers an hour in a wide variety of forms and plastic blends, with filling volumes ranging from 0.1 to 1,000 ml, aseptically, and taking all the applicable pharmaceutical regulations into account. Sounds good, you say? That’s w...
  • Product High Speed Insulin Injection Pen Assembly Line

    Customized High speed indexed assembly machine with 100% in line control

    Csv Life Science offers Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering services.
  • Product Visual Rotating Inspection machines

    Inspection machines engineered to operate at high speeds on automatic production and packaging lines, designed to inspect a wide range of glass or plastic containers for liquids (such as solutions, suspensions, emulsions and oil-based products), powders or lyophilized products.
    Our technologi...
  • Product Pure steam humidifier Condair Esco

    Condair Esco is a pure steam humidifier which injects plant supplied pure steam through 100% leak-proof stainless steel control valve with stainless steel steam distributors. Condensate is continuously drained from the steam distributors to prevent microbial contamination in the air stream.

     •Project Management   •Site Evaluation & Selection 
     •Feasibility Study 
     •Site Master Plan 
     •Process Technology And Equipment Evaluation 
     •Gmp Consulting 
     •Contamination and Biocontamination Consulting ...
  • Product Process Plant Master Plant

    The IKA Master Plant homogenizing and emulsifying plant is a universal mixing plant developed for the production of emulsions and suspensions in the pharmaceuticals industry in particular, but also in the food, beverages, cosmetics and chemical industries. The plant is GMP-compliant and guarantees ...
  • Product Air Handling Units

    Backed by certifications adhering to globally recognised standards, including AHRI, Edgetech's offers the most advanced, energy efficient and eco-friendly range of Air Handling Systems. A solution to the most arduous and critical applications, our units operate at low noise levels and comes with advanced f...
  • Product Hot Water Generator

    Metal Plants Hot Water Generator (HWG) System is versatile and compact, it provides highly efficient solution for instantaneous generation of hot water using energy efficient Heat Exchangers (viz. Shell & Tube or Plate Type) or Electrical Heater (in cases wherein utility at site is not available). ...
  • Product Reactor Charge isolator

    Reactor Charging Isolator is designed for the charging or transfer of potent powdered or liquid compounds into reactors, vessels or mixer.

    Our expert and technical team with such applications have achieved that operator protection significantly below 0.1µg/m³/8hr , TWA can be achieved when defin...
  • Product Electronic Batch Manufacturing Record (eBMR)

    Our Electronic Batch Record Software is a one-of-a-kind software application designed to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and relevant documentation in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be easily integrated with instruments and equipment to enhance performance and ensure the credibilit...
  • Product Conventional Coating Pan

    Drive mechanism consists of motor coupled with reduction gear box. Polishing pan can be interchanged with coating pan supplied with hot air blower system of suitable capacity, either electrical or steam heating system. The unit can be supplied with hot air blower system of suitable capacity, either electri...
  • Product Integrated solution for solid dosage/water system/API

    We provide:
    - Turnkey project  
    - Integral production line solutions           
    - Conceptual&detailed design
    - Pharma process/formula development  &...

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