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Metapack Engineering is an Italian company which supplies solutions and machines for identification and control of industrial products and processes.

Our mission is to provide Late-stage and in-line printing & inspection solutions for serialization and traceability of all Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic kinds of packaging, like Cartons, Labels, BFS, Blister, Pharm...

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Products from Metapack Engineering s.r.l. (3)

  • A-Vericode TTF-X

    Product A-Vericode TTF-X

    Metapack supplies DOD-UV printing system for in-line customization of erected cartons: INCI,codes, logos and nuance, printed on two panels, simultaneously.

    Vericode TTF-X machine represents a radical innovation in pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging.The printing group is equipped with two jetters,...
  • DigiPro Label Nearline

    Product DigiPro Label Nearline

    DigiPro label is the most efficient when il comes to Printing for containers such as vials, ampoules, pre-filled syringes. Digipro Label Nearline is the perfect solution when dealing with the challange of:
    • Assuring labels to resist to abrasion, even within the packaging process or ...
  • Digital Blister Printing Machine

    Product Digital Blister Printing Machine

    Digital blister printer for sealed blisters are conceived and realized for printing the entire alluminium area of each single blister, whit an exclusive tranport system that keeps the blister flat without limiting the available printing area.

    Digital printing machine can be equipped with one or more...

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