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About Humidity Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Humidity Technologies Pvt Ltd represents 'Condair' - a world leader in humidification.  Product range includes industrial humidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers (solid desiccant dehumidifier) for various industrial applications like Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Food & Confectionery, Automobile etc.

The company offers complete humidity solution from design to commissioning and after sales service.

Humidity Technologies Pvt Ltd is promoted by Shridhar Gokhale who has over three decades of experience in industrial Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) with specialization in humidity control applications. The company is also supported by experienced application engineers from United Kingdom.
The company has  built long term association with all customers by ethical dealings and offering the right technical solution from the wide range of products available. Some of our customers in India are - Lupin Limited , Cipla Limited , Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.etc.  

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Products from Humidity Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  • Clean / Pure steam humidifier Condair SETC

    Product Clean / Pure steam humidifier Condair SETC

    Humidity Technologies offers a steam generator to generate a clean/pure steam at atmospheric pressure for humidification purpose. In most phramaceutical manufacturing plants - especially OSD facilities pure steam is not available. However boiler steam is available but it is not advisable to use this steam for humidification. Especially when treating the air for manufacturing equipment  viz. Fluidized Processors like granulators , pelletizers , driers etc. Water supplied to process steam boilers is often treated with anti-corrosion treatment chemicals and chaleting agents. Traces of these chemicals can entrain in the steam generated. The steam is usually supplied through mild steel piping and possibility of rust particles being carried with steam exists.
    COndair SETC is a Steam Exchange humidifier which will generate clean/pure steam using boiler steam as energy source. Boiler steam does not come in contact with the water in it's self-contained tank and the impurities cannot pass to the clean steam so generated. This makes it ideal choice for all types of FBEs. A few units are already in operation in India. 
  • Pure steam humidifier Condair Esco

    Product Pure steam humidifier Condair Esco

    Condair Esco is a pure steam humidifier which injects plant supplied pure steam through 100% leak-proof stainless steel control valve with stainless steel steam distributors. Condensate is continuously drained from the steam distributors to prevent microbial contamination in the air stream.
  • Resistive self generating steam humidifier condair RS

    Product Resistive self generating steam humidifier condair RS

    Humidity technologies pvt ltd. Offers a wide range of humidification products which includes resistive self generating steam humidifier from Condair . 
    Features: This humidifier generates steam by boiling off water. It provides accurate & consistent control of humidity without the expense or inconvenience of replaceable boiling cylinders. With RO water R.H. control within +/-1% is achieveable in field. Easy to use touchscreen controls. Hygiene pack option is available to drain stangnant water in humidifier feed line when humidifier is not in operation. Suitable for pharmaceutical and cleanroom application. Contact us for more information.