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Verhaert partners with ambitious corporations and startups across various industries to achieve success through innovation. Together, we scout for new ideas, invent breakthrough products and services, bring them to life and scale them to reach their full potential. Our approach is built on integrated, multi-disciplinary teams that bring together expert knowledge and creative thinking, all backed ...

  • BE
  • 2023
    On CPHI since
  • 250 - 499
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Medical Devices
Medical Technologies
Packaging & drug delivery
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  • Hogenakkerhoekstraat, 21, 9000, Kruibeke, Antwerp, (International) Non-US/Non-Canada, Belgium

Verhaert New Products and Services Resources (1)

  • Whitepaper Life Sciences - Innovation Insights to start the year

    Innovation in the Life Sciences industry is facing increasing challenges, with more competition and stricter regulatory requirements than ever before. To stay ahead, it is crucial to empower the next wave of innovation and shape the future. This means adopting new methods and techniques, exploring adjacent markets, and striving for disruptive products and services. This can put pressure on innovation teams, but these changes are essential to improving quality of life, shifting towards preventive care, and personalizing treatments. At Verhaert, we support entrepreneurs and innovation teams who share this ambition and want to professionalize their approach to innovation and increase their capacity to create radical solutions. In this booklet, our experts provide valuable insights and practical advice on how to improve the innovation process, including best practices and the adoption of new technologies. Our goal is to inspire and empower you to continue driving innovation forward and making a meaningful impact in the Life Sciences industry.
    Enjoy reading, get inspired, and keep making innovation a wonderful purpose.