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  • Product RoSS.pFTU: Plate Freeze-Thaw Platform

    The plate-based freeze-thaw platforms from Single Use Support enable controlled freezing and thawing of drug substances. Transferable recipes enable full scalability and compatibility from the lab to blockbuster production. Thanks to RoSS technology all batch sizes and single-use bags from all establishe...
  • Product OctoPlus FF® Simplifies The Setup of Your Filling Line

    Secure Your Final Filling

    OctoPlus FF® provides a completely single-use alternative to traditional stainless steel “break tank “or “buffer tank” systems in a wide range of applications. OctoPlus FF® can be configured with a large variety of components and connectors.

  • Product Containment & Aseptic Barrier Isolator Systems

    n the global pharmaceutical market with the ever growing demands on materials, operator and environmental protection, consideration toward increasing standards of safety, sterility assurance and regulatory compliance has never been higher.

    As applications expand into less traditional areas ...
  • Product MTG Clearway Platinum®

    The MTG Clearway Platinum® hose is wire-reinforced  and made with high-purity platinum-cured silicone. The hose meets the USP VI, FDA, 3-A and BfR requirements. Designed for low to medium pressure and vacuum applications. Produced in an ISO 14644-1 class 8 cleanroom manufacturing facility in production l...
  • Product PLANETA 200

    MG2 PLANETA 200 capsule filling machine is the latest evolution of a series of continuous-motion machines already well appreciated by the market. Its modular design allows to fit different dosing units at the same time, ebabling many dosing combinations. Some dosing units work in...
  • Product ALLERGOFF® allergen-neutralizing spray

    ALLERGOFF® spray is an innovative solution for neutralization of house dust allergens. It is designed to protect against harmful impact of allergens present in house dust, such as: house dust mites allergens, pollen, pet and fungal allergens. It neutralises house dust allergens by changing their chemical str...
  • Product Proton drops

    Rickets prophylaxis.

    DOSAGE8 drops (400 I.U.) per day for a 18-months period.1 drop contains: 50 I.U. of Vitamin D3.

    Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol).

    CHARACTERISTICSMicellar solution in physiological solution easy to be mixed with all liquids or foods. Tasteless an...
  • Product TechnoPharm - Making Science Work

    Published five times a year, “TechnoPharm“ features a broad spectrum of exclusive technical articles and original scientific submissions in German, written by authors with solid expertise in pharmaceutical production, machine engineering and related technical fields. To ensure the high quality of the contents...
  • Product GPX Porosity

    Material porosity is a relevant parameter in many production process with dry compounds. Actual porosity measurement technologies are using destructive methods. Several disadvantages are connected with the determination of the porosity. The pharmaceutical production of tablets uses the porosity measurement as...
  • Product HELIX CORE

    HELIX Core is a machine for vertical lifting, dedusting and polishing of tablets, capsules and softgels of various shapes and sizes. The products are conveyed in gentle manner to different heights at adjustable speed, controlled via user friendly graphical interface. Compact, mobile and modular design make...
  • Product Pure steam generator

    Pharmalab india pvt. Ltd. Offers wide range of products and services which include pure steam generator. It consists of shell and tube heat exchangers where heat transfer is done by falling film evaporation which gives assurance for achieving high temperature for every drop of water, assures the sterility asp...
  • Product CLF-IS - Compact laminar flow isolator system

    The Compact Laminar Flow Isolator System is a modular cGMP Class A/ISO 5 isolator system specifically designed for safe handling of hazardous compounds (Chemotherapy, Oncological Applications) in hospital pharmacies.
  • Product Pharma Manufacturing magazine

    Pharma Manufacturing offers pharmaceutical manufacturing magazine. It display and classifies advertising in a range of creative sizes. In pharma, manufacturing has never been more important and pharmaceutical manufacturing is leading the way. Atmost drug companies today, attention and resources are focused, a...
  • Product Downflow Booth

    Downflow booths provide operator, process and / or product protection by utilizing HEPA filtered unidirectional laminar downflow to maintain an ISO 5 environment at rest within the work zone and capture particulates during open handling processes. The standard Esco DFBG2 has over 420 possible dimensional mod...

    CHANGE ROOM LOCKERSMaterial Of Construction – Grade SS 304 (completely) Suitable for cleanroom change rooms to store clothes and personal accessories Top side tapered from rear to frontLouver / ventilation on each door for air circulation FEATURES AND BENEFITS Top side tapered from rear to fro...
  • Product Inline SIVTEK-Safety Sieving or Check Screening

    Get better efficiency and higher capacity with low headroom separator!The Inline SIVTEK® a Low Profile Separator offers high capacities of wet or dry scalping in a low headroom design. The low profile separator has a single vertically mounted motor to generate a sifting motion across the screen plane.
  • Product Fundraising

    Operating across all key life science sectors, PharmaVentures offers deep sector expertise to help you derive optimal value from your funding transactions.

    We support our clients with strategic advice and full end-to-end process management capabilities to achieve the best outcome from their strateg...
  • Product Process development, optimization and scale-up

    Xedev is specialized in process development.

    Do you have a drying, granulation of coating process which need optimization, Xedev can help you with the development, optimization and scale-up of your process.

    We are using a stepwise approach to transfer your material to your own facilities...
  • Product Drug Delivery for Enhanced Bioavailability of BCS2 (Poorly Soluble) Compounds

    Engineered to bring together advanced silica technologies with challenging active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to effectively formulate a large class of poorly soluble but otherwise promising compounds, Grace’s SILSOL® silica-based drug delivery technology provides solutions for poorly soluble active...
  • Product CIP and SIP System

    Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) are systems designed for automatic cleaning and disinfecting without major disassembly and assembly work. We design, develop, manufacture, supply and install Mobile and Fixed CIP & SIP Units for sanitization and sterilization. The units are custom m...

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