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Kevision Systems, is a leading solutions provider for complete end to end inspection of products & services for the inspection of pharmaceutical products like tablets, capsules and more on Blister and Bulk Packaging lines which includes Blister Inspection system, Pin Hole Detector, Tablet Inspection system on Tablet Counters on Bulk Packing lines.
In addition to Inspection systems, Kevision offers fully integrated solution for Track and Trace & Serialization (Includes Global Server Software, Servo Driven top & bottom belt based Print & Inspect System, Aggregation System and Pallet ...

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Products from Kevision Systems (4)

  • KevSecure - Track & Trace and Serialization Systems with Tamper Evident Technology

    Product KevSecure - Track & Trace and Serialization Systems with Tamper Evident Technology

    Kevision offers complete integrated Solution for Serialization& Track and Trace which includes Software at Global Level, Plant Level and Line level along with the Integrated Hardware as per line configuration for Carton as well as Bottle packing lines.

    A)  Kev Secure - Server Soft...
  • TabSecure- Tablet Inspection System

    Product TabSecure- Tablet Inspection System

    TAB Secure is a UHR Colour Camera based online Inspection systems being Installaed over the Vibratory plates on the Tablet Countering machine in the Bulk Packing Line.

    System has a high inspection rate of up to 1 Million Tablets per Hour, considering 24 Channels on the Bulking Packing Line Cou...
  • Bli Secure - Blister Inspection System

    Product Bli Secure - Blister Inspection System

    Bli Secure – Blister Inspection System

    BliSecure (Blister Inspection System) is a Colour Camera based online Inspection and verification of Blister based Pharmacuetical products on various forming materials used on Blistering Machines. BliSecure ensures in process quality assurance a...
  • HAWK - Pin Hole Detector

    Product HAWK - Pin Hole Detector

    HAWK – An Ultra High Resolution Pin Hole Detector
    With the HAWK, Kevision has set a benchmark for in-process control of packaging of pharmaceutical products, especially blister foilsIt can be used for Inspection of Base and lead non transparent foils basically Aluminium foils.It can be used to inspect A...

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