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Since established, CCPIT CHEM has exerted her professional advantages and industry resources, served the industry and companies, launched and organized a series of influential exhibitions and conferences mainly in the field of petrochemical, agrochemical, adhesive and sealants, specialty chemical and etc., and built the international display & exchange platform.

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CPHI Barcelona 2023

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24-26 October 2023

Products from CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry (5)

  • Probiotics powder

    Product Probiotics powder

    Single-strain powder, premix powder, inactivated probiotics powder, Oil-soluble probiotics powder, allergen free probiotics powder with excellent stability, flexible potency and short lead time.
  • Probiotics Dosage Form

    Product Probiotics Dosage Form

    WECARE provides dietary products that regulate the balance of intestinal flora, enhance immunity, prevent allergies, improve constipation, relieve diarrhoea and anti-ageing, and are specially tailored for specific groups such as children, women, middle-aged and older people. product. At the same time, we d...
  • Starter Culture

    Product Starter Culture

    A series of highly concentrated and standardized freeze-dried starting strains can be added directly to the heat treated raw milk for fermentation without additional pretreatment work.
  • Heparin Sodium

    Product Heparin Sodium

    Heparin Sodium is the firstly choice for anticoagulant drug during surgery which extract from pig intestine mucosa.
  • HMG

    Product HMG

    HMG and FSH is extracted from menopausal women urine for IVF.

CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry Resources (1)

  • Brochure Raw Material product list

    1.We can provide more than 30strains, our strains are deposited at CGMCC and ATCC.2.For regular strains, our MoQ is 1KG, we keep stock, they are ready to go on the second. For the premix, the lead time is 10days.
    3. We can provide probiotics in allergen free, oil soluble, tyndallized form which can meet customers' requirements.
    4. We are also FDA/cGMP/SGS/ISO verified manufacturer for all the probiotics we carry.
    5. We provide the formulation service, we have developed several formulas for different functions.