Development Sciences

Development Sciences
Product Description

Our development laboratories are well equipped for conducting a diverse range of experiments. These encompass formulation development, cycle design and process refinement, as well as evaluating finished product. Ease of scale-up is accomplished by completing process development studies within a pilot scale manufacturing environment. This now includes use of ControLyo technology in process engineering studies. Critical areas for fill/finish are all within a certified HEPA environment, emulating aseptic operations for sterile product. Our comprehensive development reports readily support your regulatory submissions.

• Low Temperature Thermal Analysis
• Product Development
• Cycle Design / Refinement
• Vials / Cartridges
• Finished Product Testing
• Isolation / Containment
• Aqueous / Organic Solvents

Lyophilization Technology, Inc.

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Lyophilization Technology, Inc.

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  • Clinical Supply Manufacturing Services

    Product Clinical Supply Manufacturing Services

    Lyophilization Technology, Inc. offers clinical supply manufacturing. It is capable of processing sterile pre-clinical to phase II clinical materials, lyophilized and liquid products in vials, cartridges, bulk, or unique delivery system. Containment capabilities include handling biologicals, cytotoxic, and high potent APIs. It includes separate controlled areas for warehousing, preparing materials, compounding, filling, inspecting and packaging. The aseptic processing suite features hepa filtered unidirectional air supply and returns, containment capabilities and isolation technology. The operation has been inspected and approved to handle BSL-2 materials and qualified for containment and aseptic processing. Stringent environmental controls within our facility allow for a superior level of purity in finished product.

    • Aseptic Processing
    • Isolation / Containment
    • Disposable / Dedicated Equipment
    • Qualified / Validated
    • US and EU Compliant

  • Technical Services

    Product Technical Services

    Complementing development sciences and clinical manufacturing, technical services include consultation on equipment specifications, scale-up, quality control, validation, and compliance auditing. On-site training is available in the fundamentals of lyophilization and validation.

           • Equipment IQ / OQ
           • Consulting and Auditing
           • Troubleshooting
           • Products / Processing Evaluation
           • Equipment Specifications
           • Process / Cycle Evaluation
           • Quality / Compliance Support
           • On-site / In-house Training

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