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  • Product Armor Pharma Lactose Monohydrate 80M

    Latest launch: ARMOR PHARMA™ lactose monohydrate 80M is a coarse free flowing powder of α-lactose monohydrate with typical Tomahawk shape.

    Sieving process gives coarse particles with a narrow particle size distribution enabling very good flowability. This lactose is very often used in capsules a...
  • Product Essentia

    Essentia opens a new generation of capsule filling machines, perfection made easy. Inspired by a human-centered approach (HCD), the machine has been designed for users who search for perfect capsule filling, ergonomics and attractive price, all combined in one capsule filling machine. Essentia offers the b...
  • Product 'v' blender

    The bombay engineering works offers a wide range of pharmaceuticals machinery products which includes 'v' blender. It belongs to tablet section category. Operation: it is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing and lubrication process of dry powders homogeneously. Approximate two third of th...
  • Product CAP700-I Series High Containment Capsule Filling Machine

    CAP700i High Containment Capsule Filling Machine. The containment level of the machine reaches to OEB4or OEB5 according to customer’s requirement.FEATURE
    ● Capsuling filling machine + Isolator + Washer

    ● Installation type adjustable

    ● Waste capsule collector

    ● OEB4/...
  • Product galenIQ™ 960

    BENEO-Palatinit GmbH provides the pharmaceutical excipient galenIQ™ 960 for dry suspensions, as a starter pellet and for hot melt extrusion. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Tablets, bolus and effervescent tablets

    Dry forms : tablets, effervescent tables, bolus, powders ... filled in specific packaging according to species, product, dosage, use : plastic bottle, aluminium pouch
  • Product Tablet Press Machine

    Highlight • Up to 264,000 tabs/h  • Excellent performance for difficult-to-form materials  • Full closed force feeder device   • Central automatic lubrication system Automatic rejection system  • Pressure curve can be indicated on touch screen  Function • Single sided ...
  • Product Tablet Manufacturing and Capsule Filling Solution

    Avara Pharmaceutical Services offers clinical-scale drug product manufacturing services, including tablet manufacturing and capsule filling. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Coating Pan

    S.k. Pharma machinery pvt ltd offers a wide range of tablet making machine which includes coating pan. Features: It is available with ms cladding along with standard gear box, hot air blowing arrangement and motor support. Coming fitted on rigid structure. Allows speeds to be changed through use of variabl...
  • Product Heavy duty tablet press (gmp)

    Sharad Micro Die & Engg. Works offers wide range of tablet press which includes heavy duty tablet press (gmp). Contact us for more information.
  • Product Accura Model Act Ii Single Rotary Tablet Press

    Fluidpack offers a wide range of tableting machines which includes accura model act ii single rotary tablet press. Features: it includes “3 in 1” – “d –b & bb” tooling operation within one cubical space only. Now, no need for three separate cubicles. (an accura advantage). It ...
  • Product Bhd-120 automatic cartoning machine

    Beijing hanlin hangyu technology development co ltd manufactures pharmaceutical equipment which includes bhd-120 automatic cartoning machine. Features: bhd-120 cartoning machine fits for packing blister and bottle, automatically packing, leaflet folding and feeding, etc.
  • Product Others

  • Product EXCIPURE™

    Coarse and fine lactose grades for Dry Powder Inhalation. 4 products: DPI 111, DPI 223, DPI 231, DPI222
  • Product EXCIPRESS™ GR150

    EXCIPRESS™ GR150 is a granulated lactose typically used for Direct Compression.

    Granulated lactose consists of agglomerates of primary lactose fine particles bound in a matrix of non-amorphous lactose.


  • Product ARMOR PHARMA lactose monohydrate

    Sieved & Milled lactose for tablets, sachets and capsules formulation. Exemple: ARMOR PHARMA™ lactose monohydrate 200M is a fine milled powder of α-lactose monohydrate, combining good compaction and blending properties.This lactose is mostly used for tablet manufacturing using wet and dry gra...
  • Product Microdose

    Powder micro-dosing unit Microdose is a powder micro-dosing unit complete with 100% micro-weighing control system, suitable to fill powder checking the net mass and to stop once the set dosing mass has been achieved. Ideal to carry out dosing weights from 0,5 mg. up to 20 mg, on demand it is also able...
  • Product Auto Coater

    The bombay engineering works offers a wide range of pharmaceuticals machinery products which includes autocoater. It belongs to tablet section category. Applications: coater type scs can be used to coat pallets, granules and tablets. Features: it is automated process. Conforms to cgmp. Flexible batch opera...
  • Product MG Compact

    MG Compact is a continuous motion capsule filler for small and medium productions, suitable to dose pharmaceutical powders or pellets.Its modular conception allows at any time the interchangeability of its dosing units, as well as the production speed scalability from 6.000 up to 48.000 capsules per hour, ...
  • Product FlexaLAB

    Capsule filler for laboratories, special and small productions FlexaLAB is one of the capsule fillers included in MG2 production range specifically designed for R&D laboratories, clinical trials, small batch outputs and special productions. For productions up to 3.000 cps/h, it is based on the same...

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