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21 May 2019

Online training for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical professionals

Modules include a variety of subjects from an ’Introduction to tablet tooling’ and ‘Tooling maintenance’, to ‘Troubleshooting production problems’ and ‘Improving productivity’.

The introduction of technology-enabled learning is helping companies improve the skills of their staff and is seeing huge growth in recent years. This increase is being seen through all industries including those in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing. To meet this growing demand I Holland has launched an online learning platform. The e-learning program offers professionals comprehensive and flexible courses in a wide variety of disciplines.

I Holland has put together a series of courses which combines over 70 years of experience. Alex Bunting, I Holland marketing manager explains: “We have a long history and extensive experience in sharing our knowledge with our partners in solid dosage manufacturing through our face to face technical seminars held all over the world. We believe in supporting those in manufacturing who are looking to improve their technical skills and understanding of tablet compression tooling. However, we recognise that in the busy modern manufacturing environment, people can’t always be available to attend training and seminars. With that in mind we have created I Holland’s Online Training courses. They are designed for everyone from director level to engineers and operators looking to improve their knowledge in areas of tablet compression tooling.

“We have put together a carefully selected list of courses making online learning accessible with specially designed modules that can fit easily around the working day. These are tailored to work to the skillset of the person undertaking the course and are comprised of a variety of animations, illustrations, videos, diagrams and interactive quizzes, making them interesting and engaging.”

Courses are designed with a hierarchical system giving training managers and supervisors a full audit, tracking and reporting of employee development and certification. Following the completion of each course, certification can be issued in line with a company’s operating procedures and guidelines including scheduling re-qualification after a period of elapsed time. With a compartmentalised structure, courses can be used across different departments, job roles, sites and even countries for comparison purposes. This makes each course highly flexible allowing employees to further their knowledge in their own time.

Modules include a variety of subjects from an ’Introduction to tablet tooling’ and ‘Tooling maintenance’, to ‘Troubleshooting production problems’ and ‘Improving productivity’. All courses can be accessed via desktop computers or mobile devices making it easily available, allowing employees to be educated and updated on the best industry practices and tablet tooling developments.

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