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  • Product Primary Packaging Plastics - Solid dosages

    Our Duma, Dudek and Triveni branded products include a broad range of containers in HDPE and caps in LDPE & PP for the pharmaceutical market. A wide choice of solid dosage, closure and security systems makes the range fully adaptable to the individual requirements of the customer. Our assortment in...
  • Product Finished Dosage Forms out-licensing & supply

    Sandoz B2B offers a comprehensive portfolio of Finished Dosage Forms for out-licensing and supply, covering more than 20 therapeutic areas. We cover most major markets with our dossiers/marketing authorizations and are happy to discuss individual go-to market opportunities with you. Additionally, we of...
  • Product Methocarbamol (ASMF / US-DMF)

    Transo-Pharm Handels-GmbH offers a wide range of products which includes Methocarbamol (ASMF / US-DMF). It belongs to API category. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Gummy Manufacturing

    Avéma Pharma Solutions and PL Developments has responded to the increasing demand for gummies by adding gummy manufacturing capabilities, including a small line for R&D and scale up, as well as four additional commercial lines with an anticipated capacity of 1.2bn gummies annually. Commercially available p...
  • Product Inofolic® HP

    A totally safe dietary supplement for PCOS women, women seeking pregnancy and gestational diabetes prevention.
    • Clinical Trials: Efficacy of the product line is supported by 60+ international clinical trials in more than 5,000 patients. Many published studies have demonstrated efficacy in improving me...
  • Product GardloX Manuislan - throat lozenges with Icelandic lichen, Chondrus crispus, marshmallow extract, d-panthenol, Manuka oil and Manuka honey MGO400 +

    Gardlox Manuislan lozenges

    Innovative product that moisturizes and regenerates the throat.
    Containing a combination of as many as 3 moisturizing ingredients in the maximum doses allowed for use on the mucous membranes of the throat: Icelandic lichen, chondrus crispus and marshmallow ex...
  • Product Finished dosage forms

    Finished dosage forms
  • Product VitiPure P 188

    VitiPure™ P 188 (Poloxamer 188) is a multi-talented solubilizer for variety of applications with well established safety & toxicology  profile via several marketed drugs world-wide. It complies with Ph. Eur & USP standard. 
  • Product NexGen Press® range for Tablet Compression (NEW)

    A Perfect Blend of Physical and Digital.

    The NexGen Press® range represents the ultimate combination of modular design, sustainability, digitization, safety, ease of use and ergonomic functionality.

    The modular design of this groundbreaking compression technology m...

    Active ingredient: Dimenhydrinate Strength: 50mg/tab
    Pharmaceutical form: sublingual tablets, BTX4, BTX10, BTX20
    Therapeutic target: Antinausea - motion sickness. 
    Contact us for more information.
  • Product AMPICILLIN

  • Product Guanfacine Hydrochloride

    Treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Product Oral - Syrup Bottles + Bottles for antibiotics with filling mark

    Alpha syrup bottles - PP 25 - From 30 to 60 ml, amber or clear glass - Type III.

    Alpha syrup bottles - PP 28 - From 30 to 1000 ml, amber or clear glass - Type III.

    Round syrup bottles - PP 28 & PH 40 - From 30 t...
  • Product Oral capabilities

    With the highest level of technology and the most innovative solutions applied to all manufacturing areas, BSP can fulfill
    the most stringent requirements for handling conventional oral dosage forms as well the next generation of anticancer
    and cytotoxic products characterized by complex, non con...
  • Product FEMAFERRIN

    FEMAFERRIN, contains Lactoferrin, a circulating protein with a very high binding affinity for iron, providing antimicrobial properties and restoring iron localization through the direct or indirect modulation of hepcidin and ferroprotein synthesis, thus increasing hematological parameters of iron defic...
  • Product Meritena® 141 Pharma – Corn starch (maize starch)

    Meritena® 141 Pharma is suitable for use as an excipient in gums, pastilles and solid dosage forms produced by direct compression, granulation or powder mixing. Compliance : Maize starch (Ph. Eur.), Corn starch (USP-NF)
  • Product CDMO- Generics/OTCs in Tablets, Capsules, Granules...

    FDA approved facility in China providing Contract Development and Manufacturing Services in Various Dosage Forms: • Tablets • Capsules • Granules/Powder for OS • Oral Solutions • Drops • Ointment • Cream • Gel

    Applicable for most generics/OTCs and innovative drugs.

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