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Pharma Line S.r.l. is a pharmaceutical company specialised in Medical Devices and Food Supplements since 1987. Pharma Line is constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve people's quality of life. Quality is in fact the heart of every ingredient, formulation, project and partnership developed by the company.

The internal Research & Development department aims to meet the needs of the market in order to obtain an effective, innovative and synergistic formulation for a real benefit of the end user.

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    Product ALPHADEFEND®

    Alphadefend® is based on Vitamins C, D, A, B2, B6, B12, E and Folic acid with Copper, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc. The Vitamins C, D, A, B2, B6, B12, Folic acid, Copper, Zinc and Selenium contribute to the normai function ofthe immune system. The Vitamins C, B6, B12 contribute to normai energy-yielding me...

    Product ANTOVIT®

    ANTOVIT contains titrated extracts of Blueberry (fruits) and Red grape (seeds) associated with Vitamin E and Vitamin A. The Blueberry extract is useful for microcirculation function, Vitamin E improve cells protection from oxidative stress, Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of the physiological...

    Product BRAINIL®

    BRAINIL combines carnitine (in the form of L-acetylcarnitine) and a titrated - standardized extract of Ginkgo biloba (leaves) complexed with soy phosphatidylcholine (Ginkgoselect® Fitosoma®). The Ginkgo biloba extract is useful to promote microcirculation and the memory and cognitive functions.
  • B-VITAL® totale

    Product B-VITAL® totale

    B-VITAL totale is constituted by a multivitamin formulation that includes the entire span of B vitamins in doses balanced between them and, in particular, contains 100% of the recommended daily intake levels of folic acid (400 mcg) for pregnant women (Assumption Reference Levels of Nutrients 1996...

    Product CATIDRAL®

    Gastroenterology: Description of the device and instructions for use CATIDRAL is a single use device in sachets of powder for extemporaneous oral suspension. Each sachet has to be used one only time after its opening. The content of the sachet should be dissolved in 50 – 100 ml of water. To obtain a homo...

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