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Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, established in 1995, is the first high-tech enterprise specialized in development, production and marketing of peptide drugs in China. The manufacturing site is located in the south of China. All the plants were designed and constructed strictly in compliance with GMP requirements. All the production lines, including small volume parenteral solution, lyophilized powder for injection and oral solid dosage forms, are GMP certified. Some of them successfully passed GMP audit by PIC/S members. In 1997, HEXIN® Thymopentin for injection, the first peptide drug developed by Zhonghe, was approved and launched, which marked the beginning of peptide industry in China. Since then, diversified peptide products were launched in succession, covering many therapeutic areas such as immune system, antineoplastics, hepatopathy, digestive system, urinary system, gynaecology and obstetrics etc. With the goal of 'manufacturing the best peptide medicine for the patients', Zhonghe takes the product quality as the life of the enterprise. Due to globally advanced machinery and rigorous GMP management, there is no quality trouble since the establishment of the company. Superior quality made Zhonghe the foremost brand in the domestic field of synthetic peptide drugs.

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Products from Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (3)

  • Atosiban Acetate Injection

    Product Atosiban Acetate Injection

    Atosiban is an inhibitor of the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin. It is used as an intravenous medication as a labour repressant to halt premature labor. Atosiban Acetate Injection is indicated to delay immine...
  • Thymalfasin for Injection

    Product Thymalfasin for Injection

    • Thymosin α1 for Injection is a purified, sterile lyophilized preparation of chemically synthesized thymosin alpha 1. It is supplied in single use vials containing 1.6 mg of lyophilized thymosin alpha 1 per vial. This drug is indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in patients 18 years of age or ...
  • Thymopentin for injection

    Product Thymopentin for injection

    Thymopentin is a synthetic pentapeptide which is the active site of the naturally occurring hormone thymopoietin with immunomodulating properties. Thymopentin enhances the production of thymic T cells and may help restore immunocompetence in immunosuppressed subjects. 【Indications】
    (1) Patients with c...