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Milsing is Croatia-based company specialized in the development of healthcare products. Working on the research, development, distribution, marketing, and sales, Milsing creates value for its customers and partners worldwide by introducing innovative, premium-quality products, backed by science. Our specialty are innovative dosage formats – chocolate supplements and soft chews. 

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Products from Milsing d.o.o.

  • Biorela® Choco

    Product Biorela® Choco

    Biorela® Choco is clinically proven probiotic developed into chocolate bites. Biorela® Choco boosts immune health, relieves constipation, eases stomach discomfort and restores intestinal microbiota, and can be a great addition to existing probiotic brands.
  • Biorela® Choco Immuno Kids

    Product Biorela® Choco Immuno Kids

    Biorela® Choco Immuno Kids is a targeted formula for complete immunity protection. Top clinically tested ingredients such as yeast beta-glucans and probiotic bifidobacteria along with indispensable zinc and vitamin D help to boost immunity, strengthen body’s natural defenses, increase resistance to pathogens and protect healthy intestinal microbiota.

  • Biorela® Choco Multi Life

    Product Biorela® Choco Multi Life

    Biorela® Choco Multi Life is a unique food supplement for adults in the form of delicious dark chocolate bites. Each bite provides 12 vitamins and iron for everyday protection and adult well-being, coenzyme Q10 for energy production, polyphenols and vitamin B1 for cardiovascular health, and proven probiotic for digestive health.
  • Biorela® Choco Multi Kids

    Product Biorela® Choco Multi Kids

    Biorela® Choco Multi Kids is the ultimate innovation in children’s food supplement category. This unique children’s multivitamin with premium probiotics in a delicious chocolate form helps in a wide range of everyday challenges: it supports immune and digestive health, kids’ healthy growth and development as well as bone and cognitive health.
  • Chocowise® Easy Iron

    Product Chocowise® Easy Iron

    Chocowise® Easy Iron is the most delicious iron supplement for women and children. Thanks to characteristics of iron fumarate form on the one side, and the chocolate as the excellent camouflaging matrix on the other side, it provides all benefits of iron supplementation with less chance of experiencing common annoyances such as bad taste or constipation related to taking iron.

  • Biorela® Choco Prenatal

    Product Biorela® Choco Prenatal

    Biorela® Choco Prenatal is an innovative mother & baby chocolate supplement that provides full spectrum of nutrients to meet the increased nutritional needs during pregnancy as well as proprietary probiotic which reduces prevalence of gestational diabetes and risk of allergies in newborns.
  • Biorela® Choco Beauty

    Product Biorela® Choco Beauty

    Biorela® Choco Beauty is a unique formula in a delicious chocolate form. This 3 in 1 supplement combines health benefits of high-quality collagen, biotin, and proprietary probiotic for beautiful skin. Thanks to its unique composition, Biorela® Choco Beauty supports skin health, increases skin hydration, improves skin structure, and reduces visible signs of ageing.
  • Chocowise® Up&Sharp

    Product Chocowise® Up&Sharp

    Chocowise® Up&Sharp, presented in an attractive delivery form of a chocolate bar, combines categories with tremendous potential for growth – energy boosters and chocolate supplements. Each chocolate bar delivers nutrients with well established benefits for mental performance and cognitive function – natural caffeine from guarana and vitamin B complex. Chocowise® Up&Sharp is not only delicious and rich in nutrients for instant and lasting energy, but it is also developed for optimum ingredient stability, delivery and efficacy.
  • Chocowise® Good Mood

    Product Chocowise® Good Mood

    Chocowise® Good Mood is a dual action formula that supports positive mood. It is rich in cocoa components that increase serotonin and energy levels and contains herbal extract that alleviates stress and anxiety. Additionally, consuming chocolate is known to induce a feeling of wellness and happiness.
  • Juicy Slim

    Product Juicy Slim

    Juicy Slim is a food supplement for weight management, presented in the form of delicious, fruit-flavored soft chews. Each chew contains 1 g of glucomannan – 100% natural, plant-based ingredient, clinically proven to support weight loss, enriched with chromium for extra benefit. Glucomannan and chromium are also supported by EU-authorized health claims – weight loss, macronutrient metabolism, regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol. Juicy Slim is very convenient for consumers interested in losing weight because it both curbs hunger and satisfies craving for sweets.

  • Lectranal®

    Product Lectranal®

    Lectranal® is clinically proven natural allergy relief product. Its targeted composition, based on proprietary astragalus extract, relieves allergy symptoms by balancing immune system response to common allergens. Lectranal® can be used both as a prophylactic and after the onset of the allergy to relieve symptoms. Lectranal®, which effects have been confirmed through extensive scientific research, is a natural solution for defense against external agents with good safety profile and is very well tolerated.
  • Chocowise® Strong Bones

    Product Chocowise® Strong Bones

    Chocowise® Strong Bones is unique supplement available in the form of delicious dark chocolate bites. Each bite provides high dose of K2VITAL® DELTA (75 µg) and vitamin D3 (10 µg) for strong, healthy bones. These nutrients work synergistically to ensure calcium reaches the bones without being deposited in the arteries.

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