For more than 40 years, Laboratorios Rubio, a family-owned company, has been recognized for the development, manufacture and marketing of medicines with high therapeutical value for specialists as well as of certain drugs for life-threatening diseases, with long expertise in niche markets. Laboratorios Rubio's determination to meet the health needs of every single patient has lead the company to be distinguished as per being pioneer of products targeted to low incidence diseases which affect only to a small number of patients and that require the development of specific pharmaceutical products to treat them.

Within the niche market strategy Laboratorios Rubió has been pioneer and innovative company among the Spanish laboratories focus on, but not limited to therapeutical areas such as: CNS, Anti-rheumatic, Nephrology, Urology, CV, GI, etc. It is worth highlighting the success of RUBIFEN® RESINCALCIO® and RESINCOLESTIRAMINA®

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