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Procare Health is a pharmaceutical multinational company with it's Headquarters in Spain, affiliates in France and Portugal and distributors in +60 countries worldwide. Our vision is to provide the best innovative solutions to improve women’s health and their well-being. Basic Research and Clinical Investigation brought us to formulate new therapeutic solutions for HPV related diseases, Women's Health, Gynaecology and Pain Management.

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Products from Procare Health (5)

  • Papilocare

    Product Papilocare

    Gel for the prevention and adjuvant treatment of HPV-induced lesions:

    · Medical Device Class IIa. Patented Vaginal Gel.

    · Innovative & Unique (1st Treatment for HPV-dependent cervical low grade lesions)

    · Target Patients: HPV+ and HPV+ with lesions (AS...
  • Ovosicare

    Product Ovosicare

    Contributes to the normalization of fertility and favours the development of the placenta during pregnancy:

    · Food Supplement. Patented Formulation 

    · Indicated for pre conception.

    · Target Patients: Women suffering of subfertility and late matern...
  • Libicare Meno

    Product Libicare Meno

    Integral management of all menopause signs and symptoms 24 hours a day: 

    · Food supplement. Patented Formulation.

    · Target Patients: Women that suffer from menopause symptoms and wish to feel good and live their life to the fullest....
  • Pronolis

    Product Pronolis

    The first High Density (HD) Hyaluronic Acid gel: Complete and innovative range of viscosupplementation. Medical Device Class III
    • High quantity of hyaluronic acid, up to 120mg per syringe • High concentration, for a fast and prolonged pain relief • Unique Mono-shot HD hyaluronic acid specificificall...
  • Palomacare

    Product Palomacare

    Palomacare is a 100% non hormonal medical device that moisturizes and repairs the vulvo-vaginal mucosa, re-balances the vaginal microbiota and improves vaginal health. It also improves the sexual intercourse. Compatible with condoms.

    · Palomacare is indicated in those situations i...

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