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Procare Health is a pharmaceutical multinational company with it's Headquarters in Spain, affiliates in France and Portugal and distributors in +60 countries worldwide. Our vision is to provide the best innovative solutions to improve women’s health and their well-being. Basic Research and Clinical Investigation brought us to formulate new therapeutic solutions for HPV related diseases, Women's Health, Gynaecology and Pain Management.

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Products from Procare Health

  • Papilocare

    Product Papilocare

    Gel for the prevention and adjuvant treatment of HPV-induced lesions:

    · Medical Device Class IIa. Patented Vaginal Gel.

    · Innovative & Unique (1st Treatment for HPV-dependent cervical low grade lesions)

    · Target Patients: HPV+ and HPV+ with lesions (ASCUS or LSIL) 

    · Indicated as a secondary prevention and treatment.

    · Encapsulating system: Niosomes & Phytomsomes

    · Effect on 3 modifiable factors. Unique combination for a synergistic action (1+2: Allows to modify 3)

            Reepithelization of the vaginal transformation zone

            Rebalance the vaginal microbiota

            Counteracts the non-inflammatory microenvironment

    · Primary end-point: 88% HR HPV+ vs 56% CG at 6 months in clearance of cervical lesions.

    · Secondary end-point: 63% HR HPV+ vs 40% CG at 6 months in HPV clearance.

    · Significant reduction of Stress and high level of adherence

    · Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease: March 2021 Study Paloma Publication (Phase IIb) 

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  • Ovosicare

    Product Ovosicare

    Contributes to the normalization of fertility and favours the development of the placenta during pregnancy:

    · Food Supplement. Patented Formulation 

    · Indicated for pre conception.

    · Target Patients: Women suffering of subfertility and late maternity (70 milion couples worldwide) present abnormal low levels of D-chiro Inositol.

    · Main Ingredient: Caronositol® 2 Clinicals Studies with a complex patient profile.

    · Great oocyte quality and maturation and ALSO,
    • Multiplies x3 the pregnancy rate
    • Multiplies x4 the number of live births
    • Reducing x5 the hyperstimulation syndrome rate
    • Improves the entire Hyperandrogenism/ Hyperinsulinemia
    • Improves Quality of the Cytoplasm.

    · Competitive Advantage: Complete Formulation and Caronositol® Mix (3,6:1 vs 40:1)

  • Idracare

    Product Idracare

    Moisturizing vaginal gel with niosomes of hyaluronic acid in high concentration at 2% and prebiotics (increased & prolonged hydratation)

    · Medical Device Class I. Patented.

    · Target Patients: When there is a decrease in vaginal discharge – Vulvovaginal Atrophy

    · Is indicated for the relief of symptoms, especially in those situations where there is alteration of the epithelial fluid (vaginal dryness) and that require continuous treatment with repeated use (2-3 times a week).

    · Moisturizing action

    · Re-balance the vaginal microbiota

    · Restores flexibility and elasticity of the vaginal mucosa

    · Contains prebiotics which:
    • They favour the bio selective growth of lactobacilli.
    • Competitive inhibition of pathogens.
    • Bio stimulation of the epithelial microbiota.
  • Pronolis

    Product Pronolis

    The first High Density (HD) Hyaluronic Acid gel: Complete and innovative range of viscosupplementation. Medical Device Class III
    • High quantity of hyaluronic acid, up to 120mg per syringe
    • High concentration, for a fast and prolonged pain relief
    • Unique Mono-shot HD hyaluronic acid specificifically designed for knee.
    This range is the viscosupplement with the highest concentration of HA on the market, and is available in a wide variety of concentrations (1%, 1.6%, 2.2% and 2.5%), which allows a stepped and individualized treatment of the patient and everything type of synovial joints: knee, hip, hands (wrist and fingers), feet, ankle, shoulder, etc.
    Product Classification

    Pronolis HD Mono 2.5 --> Medical device III   
    Pronolis HD One 2.2 --> Medical device III   
    Pronolis HD 1.6 --> Medical device III   
    Pronolis HD 1 --> Medical device III    

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  • Palomacare

    Product Palomacare

    Palomacare is a 100% non hormonal medical device that moisturizes and repairs the vulvo-vaginal mucosa, re-balances the vaginal microbiota and improves vaginal health. It also improves the sexual intercourse. Compatible with condoms.

    · Palomacare is indicated in those situations in which the inflammatory component is more accentuated, in which, in addition to hydration, a more intense reparative action is required:

    Vaginal Dryness
    • Peri/post-menopause
    • Episiotomy, postpartum and lactation
    • Hormonal contraception
    • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
    o   Non-specific vaginitis and cervicitis.

    · Palomacare Vag Gel contains ingredients (in niosomes and phytosomes) that give it a greater capacity to repair the mucosa as well as a mild anti-inflammatory action.

    · Moisturizes and repairs the cervical-vaginal mucosa

    · Re-balances the vaginal microbiota

    · Improves vaginal health

    · Clinical Studies at 12 Weeks.
    • 65,5% Palomacare Group vs 41,4% Control Group: Vaginal Cytology Normalization at 12 weeks
    · High level of Satisfaction of both patients and doctors (93% Satisfaction)

    · It presents a Vulvo-vaginal treatment line (vaginal gel and vulvar gel) and a female hygine line (cleansing foam, vulvar sensitive gel):

    • Palomacare Vaginal Gel 6x5mL--> Medical Device IIa 
    • Palomacare Vulvar Gel 30mL --> Cosmetic   
    • Palomacare Foam 150mL --> Cosmetic   
    • Palomacare Sensitve Gel 150mL --> Cosmetic   
    • Palomacare Foam 50mL --> Cosmetic  

  • Libicare

    Product Libicare

    Libicare is a food suplement made from natural ingredients which have positive effects on improving the sexual function in women with low sexual desire.

    · Unique dual effect (Promotes and improves the sexual desire and arousal)

    · Complementary Intimate Gel Tube.

    · Presentation: 60 & 120 Tabs.

    Target Patient: Women with low sexual desire (Menopause)
    • Improves sexual function in women with low sexual desire
    • Doubles de frequency of sexual activity in women
    • Intensifies arousal and other variables of sexual function in women
    • Significantly increases the levels of free testosterone a key mediator in Females Sexual Desire.
    · Ingredients:
    • Trigonella (Main Ingredient): Positive effect on sexual function. Improves desire and arousal, increases free testosterone concentration.
    • Tribulus: Improves desire in women with female sexual interest/arousal disorder.
    • Damiana: Used as an aphrodisiac, it has an aromatase inhibitor effect (flavonoids) which can lead to an increase in free testosterone (aromatase is the enzyme which transforms testosterone in oestradiol)
    • Ginko Biloba (in phytosomes): Facilitates blood flow and has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle, an important process for the sexual response in women.
    · Plenty of publications of the Ingredients proving it’s efficacy in reducing menopausal symptoms related top sexual function.

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