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LEKAM Przedsiębiorstwo Farmaceutyczne Sp. z o. o. is developing both on the Polish pharmaceutical market and on international markets.

LEKAM combines a homogeneous product portfolio, efficient leadership and highly qualified employees, which allows the company to quickly gain recognition in the pharmaceutical industry. The rapid increase in sales and revenues, combined with th...

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Products from LEKAM Ltd (3)

  • Melatonina LEK-AM 1 mg; 3 mg; 5 mg

    Product Melatonina LEK-AM 1 mg; 3 mg; 5 mg

    Indication: Adjunctive in sleep disorders,especially in the elderly. Used in disturbances of the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle),such as jet lag. Regulates the sleep cycle in the blind and sleep adjustments related to work (eg.night shifts).Also used in patients who have a production deficiency of this...
  • Biosteron 10 mg; 25 mg

    Product Biosteron 10 mg; 25 mg

    LEK-AM provides wide range of pharmaceutical products which includes Biosteron. Indications: Biosteron medication is a natural supplement of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Contact us for more information.
  • Maglek B6; B6 Forte

    Product Maglek B6; B6 Forte

    Indication: The product is recommended for situations leading to magnesium deficiencies, including chronic physical and mental fatigue, dietary errors (excessive consumption of processed food), adherence to weight loss diets, high coffee consumption, and chronic illnesses causing impaired absorption ...