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Sovereign Pharmaceuticals, LLC is full service CDMO centrally located in Fort Worth, Texas. Sovereign specializes in contract development and manufacturing of tablets, powder-filled capsules, oral and topical solutions, and oral and topical suspensions to support INDs, NDAs, NADAs, ANDAs, and ANADAs. Our committed team of employees excels in cGMP, DEA, and FDA compliance and is focused on timely delivery of high quality products.

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Products from Sovereign Pharmaceuticals, LLC (5)

  • Manufacturing Equipment

    Product Manufacturing Equipment

    Sovereign offers the following manufacturing equipment: • 2.5, 10, & 26 cu.ft. Littleford Lodige Mixers • Stokes Oscillating Granulators • Fitzpatrick Fitzmills & Chilsonator • Gruenberg Ovens • 4 quart, 1, 3, 5, 20, and 50 cu.ft. V-Blenders • Kikusui Gemini Tablet Press • Kikusui Libra Ta...
  • High Potency Pharma Suite

    Product High Potency Pharma Suite

    Launched in 2020, our high-potency suite is designed to ensure the safety of highly potent APIs from development through production. 

    We have multiple levels of containment and the full asset flexibility to handle solids and liquids. Our extensive expertise, proven methodology, and flexib...
  • Pharma Product Development

    Product Pharma Product Development

    We develop oral tablet formulations, oral powder-filled capsule formulations, oral and topical solutions, and oral suspension formulations. 

    Sovereign offers:
    • DEA License Schedule I-V • extensive experience of over 100 APIs • a high potency pharma suite • and solid and liquid dose manu...
  • Packaging and Serialization

    Product Packaging and Serialization

    Sovereign offers packaging for: • liquids • tablets and capsules 

    Additionally, serialization aggregation to the pallet level. 
  • Quality Management, Assurance, Control, and Validations

    Product Quality Management, Assurance, Control, and Validations

    Sovereigns provides oversight for the quality systems. We issue the manufacturing lot numbers and appropriate records, review/approve each executed record, and analytical data and stability reports. Sovereign will: • MAINTAINS an excellent relationship with the FDA, DEA, and local health and regulatory ag...

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