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SUNLIFE is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of food supplements, medical devices and OTC pharmaceuticals. SUNLIFE mainly produces solid resp. dry powder dosage forms such as effervescent tablets, stick packs, hard gelatine capsules, tablets and lozenges. Our extended product portfolio also includes soft gel capsules, syrups, liquids, creams and ointments.  With our own GMP-certified production facilities, SUNLIFE works with renowned international trading partners in the food retail and pharmacy sector. SUNLIFE develops its own innovative formulations and also offers contract ma...

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Products from Sunlife GmbH (5)

  • Magnesium + Potassium sticks

    Product Magnesium + Potassium sticks

    SUNLIFE® Magnesium + Potassium Sticks are high quality food supplementsfor a direct intake without water. This dosage form istherefore ideal when you are on the road and it supplies you fastand direct with this important minerals’ combination. The containedDextrose provides additional quickly available ene...
  • Vitamin C effervescent tablets

    Product Vitamin C effervescent tablets

    Food supplement for preparing a drink withvitamin C. Food supplement vitamin C helps the body in cases ofinfection, general fatigue or in stressful situations.
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg efferescent tablets

    Product Vitamin C 1000 mg efferescent tablets

    Vitamin C supports the body in cases of excessive strain. Especiallyworking people, adolescents, sportspeople, pregnant and lactatingwomen, the elderly and smokers should ensure that their vitamin Cintake is sufficient.
  • Multivitamin + Mineral effervescent tablets

    Product Multivitamin + Mineral effervescent tablets

    Food supplement for preparing a drink with the most importantvitamins and minerals. A balanced supply of vitamins and mineralsis provided, supporting both physical and mental performance.
  • Multivitamin effervescent tablets

    Product Multivitamin effervescent tablets

    Food supplement for preparing a drink with 10 vitamins for coveringdaily requirements. For promoting a feeling of well‐being.Ideal during periods of intense physical and mental strain.

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