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Advenza (Advanced Vital Enzymes Pvt. Ltd.) is engaged in the research and delivery of enzymes and probiotics based Finished Formulations for Human & Animal Nutrition. Advenza has adopted a business model where it develops & produces quality enzyme and probiotics supplements and partners with Nutrition & Consumer Healthcare Companies globally to help bring them to Market through private labeling. The Company Office and R&D is based at Thane, Mumbai and the FSSAI approved Manufacturing facility is based at Vapi, Gujarat. Specializing in different delivery forms such as Chewable Tablets, Swallowable Tablets, Dispersible Tablets, Drops, Capsules, Sachets, Bolus.

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Products from Advanced Vital Enzymes Private Limited

  • Multi-enzyme Digestive Tablets

    Product Multi-enzyme Digestive Tablets

    Digestive disorders has become a common occurrence in today's times due to unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. This hampers overall health and well-being subsequently leading to various related disorders. Multi-enzyme Digestive Tablets consist of essential Enzymes which help in digestion of a broad range of Food Components in our daily diet.  It helps maintain your daily digestion and prevents digestive disorders. It also indirectly aids Nutrient absorption.   
  • Lactase Drops and Tablets

    Product Lactase Drops and Tablets

    Lactase Drops and Tablets consist of Lactase Enzyme which helps in the digestion of Lactose, a sugar largely present in Milk and Milk products. Due to various reasons many individuals are deficient in Lactase Enzyme thus preventing them to optimally digest Lactose leading to lesser nutrient absorption and a condition called 'Lactose Intolerance'. It is accompanied by various symptoms like Nausea, bloating, Vomiting, Diarrhea etc.

    Lactase Drops and Tablets helps prevent the symptoms and indirectly aids Nutrient absorption. It needs to be taken with every meal having milk and milk products.
  • Probiotics Formulation

    Product Probiotics Formulation

    An individual’s overall health and vitality depends upon his Gut health. Probiotics helps renew the Gut with useful Bacteria which aids digestion and help maintain immunity. Advenza has various formulations like Enzymes+Probiotics, Probiotics with Extracts, standalone Probiotics. It has various application ranging from Gut health, digestion, immunity and women’s health. We at Advenza are also working on developing Probiotics for Kids.  

  • Trypsin Rutin & Papain Tablets

    Product Trypsin Rutin & Papain Tablets

    A formulation consisting of a combination of Proteolytic Enzymes and Plant flavonoids giving a synergistic effect against inflammation.  This in turn also aids wound healing.  One of the major benefits of this Formulation is the relatively lesser undesirable effects combined with a high potency and efficacy. Thus it can be used for short term as well as for the long term.
  • Pancreatin Tablets

    Product Pancreatin Tablets

    Pancreatin Tablets consist of high concentrate Pancreatic Enzymes basically consisting of Amylase, Lipase and Protease which aids in digestion and nutrient absorption. People with severe pancreatic insufficiency are prone to indigestion due to their inability to produce Digestive enzymes in optimum quantity. This Formulation is optimized to get all three digestive enzymes in balanced proportion.  Available in various strengths.