About ROQUETTE “Offering the best of nature” 
Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients, a pioneer of plant proteins and a leading provider of pharmaceutical excipients. In collaboration with its customers and partners, the group addresses current and future societal challenges by unlocking the potential of nature to offer the best ingredients for food, nutrition and health markets.
These ingredients respond to unique and essential needs, enable healthier lifestyles and are critical components of life-saving medicines.

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Products from ROQUETTE FRERES SA (5)

  • KLEPTOSE® HP HPB - Hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin

    Product KLEPTOSE® HP HPB - Hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin

    Kleptose HP and HPB for pharmaceutical applications: parenteral use, syrup oral suspensions. HPBCD increase water solubility and bioavailability.
  • PEARLITOL® - Mannitol

    Product PEARLITOL® - Mannitol

    PEARLITOL® Mannitol pharma range is used as a filler and filler/binder as well as a bulk sweetener. The PEARLITOL® range offers a unique blend of exceptional physical and chemical stability and no hygroscopicity.PEARLITOL® can be used in various oral dosage forms in both pharmaceutical and nutraceutic...
  • MICROCEL® - Microcrystalline cellulose

    Product MICROCEL® - Microcrystalline cellulose

    A microcrystalline cellulose with filler-binder properties and a certain capacity to act as a disintegrant.
  • KLEPTOSE® - Betacyclodextrin

    Product KLEPTOSE® - Betacyclodextrin

    KLEPTOSE® Betacyclodextrins are efficient solubilisation, stabilization enhancers and taste-masking agents. A full range is available for use in many dosage forms, from solid to liquid.
  • LYCADEX® PF  - Pyrogen-free dextrose

    Product LYCADEX® PF - Pyrogen-free dextrose

    A physiological sugar used as an active isotonic agent or a carbohydrate energy source in parenteral infusion or injectable therapies.