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  • Product Primary packaging for biologics

    Primary packaging for sensitive, biotechnologically manufactured active agents. Highest quality standards with regard to active agent-packaging interaction, increased user-friendliness and application safety for patients and user.

  • Product Micro infusion pumps

    Sensile Medical is a pioneer in liquid drug delivery pump devices with a typical total volume of 3 – 20 ml. The subcutaneous medication at home combined with digital solutions is attractive for all stakeholders of the health care System.
  • Product Neolus® Needles

    Neolus® Needles for hypodermic injection offer drug product manufacturers a high performance single-use needle solution ready for today's parenteral formulations.
  • Product Biguanelle ® Gel

    Medical Device for externalgenital infections. • Pharmaceutical form: Dermatological Gel

    • Clinical trials: A large clinical trial proves efficacy on external genital warts in men and women. Contact us for other info or to get the full portfolio
  • Product Dosecare

    Dosecare is a dosing syringe for oral liquids.

    It differs from the others as it allows you to simply and intuitively save the dose of liquid to be administered. Therefore once the dose is set, dosing errors are prevented, time is saved, there is no waste and soiling.

  • Product Kompin Free - preservatives free eye drops with actinoquinol, aloe gel 1%, 0,1% sodium hyluronate

    What are KOMPIN FREE eye drops?

    KOMPIN FREE is a sterile solution of sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera gel and actinokinol.

    What are KOMPIN FREE  eye drops used for?

    KOMPIN FREE eye drops are intended for moisturizing the surface of the eye and relievin...
  • Product FEMAFLOR ovules

    FEMAFLOR ovules, is a medical device Class IIa based on Boric acid and Polycarbophil helpfull inrestoring the natural pH of the vagina. The combined action of its components also reduces burning, itching and irritation, even in case of fungal infection.
    Women's Health / Gynaecology
  • Product Packaging Materials for Dialysis Solutions

    PolyCine non-PVC Packaging Materials for:

    -Haemodialysis Solutions  -CAPD Solution Bag and Systems
     -Drainage Bag Films
     -Transfer Tubes
     -Citrate & Acid Solutions
     -Irrigation Solutions

  • Product GUR® UHMW-PE

    Few materials can meet the high standards for biocompatibility and flexibility of part design required for orthopedic implants. Celanese works with major orthopedic implant and stock shape manufacturers to ensure optimized material properties and performance of GUR® UHMW-PE premium grades.
    GUR® UH...
  • Product Aective MD by ROELMI HPC

    Ectoine is a powerful molecule, an osmolyte able to rebalance the microenvironment,
    maintaining the ideal conditions for the cells to survive. It represents a natural protective molecule against diverse harmful environmental influences such as heat, UV light, high osmolarity and dryness.
  • Product Pharma Fluid Handling

    Raumedic manufactures complex tube sets for fluid handling in single-use, multi-use, and hybrid systems along with pharma tubing. No matter whether you are interested in manual small-batch production or fully automated long-running favorites – we observe strict clean-room...
  • Product Intra Articular Gel

    SEMICAL® intra-articular gel is a highly purified bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate based viscoelastic solution for the treatment of knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. SEMICAL® intra-articular is used to improve the function of the synovial fluid in joints. The injection volumes are between 2.0 mL to 3.0 m...
  • Product The Luer Vial by GEMÜ

    The Luer Vial by GEMÜ combines optimal shelf life with standardised containers that can be filled aseptically. Safety and user-friendliness are enhanced by a customised applicator that allows precise drug delivery by single-handed operation. The Luer Vial by GEMÜ was developed as a modular packaging an...
  • Product MediForm MG - PET-G

    Co-extruded PET-G film for medical applications • manufactured specifically for the unique needs of medical device custom thermoformers
  • Product Hyaluronic Acid cross-linked with BDEE

    box with 1 pre-filled syringe with 1 ml
  • Product Hydrocolloidal Wound Treatment Gel CE

    Hydrocolloid gel accelerating natural wound healing. To be used for treating minor wounds such as minor burns (red skin and/or blisters), abrasions and superficial ulcerations. Significantly accelerates natural wound healing. Decreases the risk of infections and complications. Controls right moisture balan...
  • Product RetroNose®: the pMDI concept device targeting nasal drug delivery through oral administration

    With RetroNose®, enhance therapeutic efficacy of your nasal drug with a better deposition

    • Product Name

    ENNA Fertility Kit Home treatment for boosting fertility and increasing chances of pregnancy

    • Indication(s)

    Improves fertility and increases chances of pregnancy naturally

    o Women aged 30 to 45.

    o Women under 30 without getting pregnant aft...
  • Product Drug Delivery Solutions

  • Product Ferrite Tag 0503

    0503 (size in 5x3mm) Ferrite Tag features its small and compact size. It can be embedded to an item to instantly empower it with NFC function. Meanwhile, Ferrite Tag has superior heat tolerance to survive extreme use condition.

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