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  • Product Dosecare

    Dosecare is a dosing syringe for oral liquids.

    It differs from the others as it allows you to simply and intuitively save the dose of liquid to be administered. Therefore once the dose is set, dosing errors are prevented, time is saved, there is no waste and soiling.

    Those u...
  • Product Neolus® Needles

    Neolus® Needles for hypodermic injection offer drug product manufacturers a high performance single-use needle solution ready for today's parenteral formulations.
  • Product FEMAFLOR ovules

    FEMAFLOR ovules, is a medical device Class IIa based on Boric acid and Polycarbophil helpfull inrestoring the natural pH of the vagina. The combined action of its components also reduces burning, itching and irritation, even in case of fungal infection.
    Women's Health / Gynaecology
  • Product Neofact® - Medical device for surfactant application

    Neofact is an innovative applicator for instillation of surfactant and is used for the management of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) in preterm and term neonates:

    • Simple and practical handling • Application of surfactant without Magill forceps • Precise positioning in fro...
  • Product Hydrocolloidal Wound Treatment Gel CE

    Hydrocolloid gel accelerating natural wound healing. To be used for treating minor wounds such as minor burns (red skin and/or blisters), abrasions and superficial ulcerations. Significantly accelerates natural wound healing. Decreases the risk of infections and complications. Controls right moisture balance ...
  • Product ALLERGIKA® Eyelid Cream MED

    ALLERGIKA® Eyelid Cream MED for the treatment of eyelid eczema!

    No. 1 in Germany with a market share more than 30% and an icreasing rate 20% per year!

    • The only lipophilic, cortisone-free medical device for the treatment of atopic, irritative and con...
  • Product Digital Blood Pressure Device

    The professional Blood Pressure monitor Device. Fast and high accuracy measurement. Unique feature of Calibration Sense. (whenever operates, runs a self diagnose).
  • Product INVISTA medical polypropylene resins

    MELITEK offer and distribute PP resins in Europe from INVISTA (former Flint Hills) USA, who has a wide and unique range of medical PP materials. INVISTA has for many years been leading supplier of medical PP in US market. We have proudly serviced the product range to European customers for over 30 years e...
  • Product Sustainable Materials for Medical Devices

    Featured product: Hostaform® MT® POM ECO-B, a sustainable drop-in solution for the reduction of CO2 footprint for your medical device

    Hostaform® MT® POM ECO-B is a sustainable drop-in solution for conventional POM.

    Chemically identical product as standard material• No requali...
  • Product CERES POC

    Point of Care Diagnostic Devices allow individuals the convenience to conduct self-screening and immediately consider treatment options. Testing for COVID-19 dominates the news lately, but many other diseases and conditions can now be reliably detected using POC devices. Demand for in-home testing is growing ...
  • Product Adding connectivity to a range of auto-injectors

    We developed a proof-of-concept connected module to fit inside the rear cap of Bespak by Recipharm’s existing auto-injector, along with an iOS application, cloud database and web portal. The demonstrator device and connected system showed the potential for incorporating sensing technology. Sensing would allow...
  • Product Anginal® Mouth Spray with Sage

    Dr. Müller Pharma provides wide range of products which includes anginal® mouth spray with sage. Anginal mouth sprays contain extracts of popular herbs.

    Function: for the care of the mouth mucosa. It alleviates the mucosa of throat and oral cavity. The spray protects the oral cavity, keeps it in good c...
  • Product Breathing bags

    Nolato offers a wide range of high-quality breathing bags manufactured in a cost-effective medical device environment.
    Our breathing bags are made from a latex-free polychloroprene rubber compound, tested for biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993. Each individual breathing bag is quality-insp...
  • Product High Speed Insulin Injection Pen Assembly Line

    Customized High speed indexed assembly machine with 100% in line control

    • ORTHOPEDICS - Class III MD  CONDROTIDE® HA is the only Polynucleotide (PN) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based product available on the market for osteoarthritis treatments. This gel acts as a lubricant and helps to normalize the viscosity of the synovial fluid

    - Sterile, pre filled...
  • Product Sorelex: Antimicrobial wound dressing

    Antimicrobial wound dressing, which effectively establishes the optimal wound healing environment and actively initiates wound healing processes, including support of angiogenesis.

    ·        Removes slough and manages infection, 
  • Product ENOXOFTAL / SAFLOHYAL - A greater effectiveness in case of ocular inflammation - Preservative Free Ophthalmic Solution

    Indications.Enoxoftal / SafloHyal Ophthalmic Solution is a medical device with phlogolytic activity (it inhibits the evolutionaryprocesses of the phlogosis). It is indicated for the treatment of the symptoms (itching, foreign bodysensation, redness, etc…) associated with inflammatory conditions of the ocular ...
  • Product Apipol honey syrup with marshmallow root macerate and propolis tincture- MEDICAL DEVICE

    Apipharma d.o.o. Offers a wide range of products which includes apipol honey syrup with marsh mallow root macerate and propolis tincture. Feature: it is a combination of apian products and healing herbs which integrates the healing properties of honey, marsh mallow root macerate and propolis tincture. Honey i...
  • Product ISOMAR Spray For Daily Nose-Ears - Isotonic Sea Water

    Isomar Daily Hygiene Spray is an isotonic seawater solution, suitable for daily nasal hygiene and allergies in general and also caused by pollen. Daily Hygiene Spray, with its alternative nebulizer in the box, is suitable also for ear hygiene. For adults and children over 12 months.

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