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  • Product Besone 50 (Beclomethasone Dipropionate)

    Midas Care offers a wide range of pMDI formulations which includes Beclomethasone Dipropionate 50mcg (Besone 50). It is an anti-asthmatic that works directly in the lungs to make breathing easier by reducing the irritation and swelling of the airways.Contact us for more information.
  • Product Primary packaging for biologics

    Primary packaging for sensitive, biotechnologically manufactured active agents. Highest quality standards with regard to active agent-packaging interaction, increased user-friendliness and application safety for patients and user.

  • Product Micro infusion pumps

    Sensile Medical is a pioneer in liquid drug delivery pump devices with a typical total volume of 3 – 20 ml. The subcutaneous medication at home combined with digital solutions is attractive for all stakeholders of the health care System.
  • Product Ethyl Chloride spray

    Ethyl Chloride spray is a topical pain relief spray used in hospitals for surgical procedures. This product is a Class 1A Medical Device.
  • Product Xyminal ®

    A novel approach for couples with infertility
    Medical Device class IIA for couples with male factoror idiopathic infertility. • Pharmaceutical form: Vaginal suppositories • Clinical trials: Strong scientific background and numerous in vitro trials support efficacy in the vaginal env...
  • Product Eumastos ® Gel

    Medical device class IIA for cyclic mastalgia management.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Gel sachets

    • Clinical trials: One randomized clinical trial demonstrates the efficacy in reducing painful cyclic symptoms, improving the quality of life of patients. One double-...
  • Product Life Cycle Services

    Catalyx is a trusted partner in delivering world-class lifecycle services to regulated and high-risk end markets. With a relentless commitment to innovation and excellence, we partner with life science and other highly regulated organisations, to empower them to enhance efficiency, and drive success.&...
  • Product TiAB Gel and Foam for vulvar discomfort and prevention of infections (Women’s Health - gynecology)

    TiAB Vulvar Gel and Foam for vulvar discomfort are medical devices formulations based on TiAB, a patented complex of titanium dioxide with covalently linked monovalent silver ions, indicated as adjuvants in the treatment of vulvar contact dermatitis and discomfort.  


    It calms dry and productive cough. It softens and protects the irritated mucosa, forming a protective barrier in the throat. In addition, it moisturizes and reduces the viscosity of mucus to promote its expulsion.

    Syrup of 182 g (approximately 140 ml) in glass bottle. Preservatives f...
  • Product MONOSHOT HA + PRP

    MONOSHOT is a procedure pack intended for intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid (HA) enriched with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). MONOSHOT provides the simultaneous lubricating and shock-absorbing effect of hyaluronic acid with optimally selected physicochemical parameters as well as the regenerative e...
  • Product MK™ Fine Mist Sprayer

    Deliver precision dosing and superior spray performance for your Rx and OTC medications. Meet MK™—a fine mist sprayer designed to deliver precision dosing and superior spray performance. With its excellent priming, atomization, and clean output, it delivers an effortless spray experience for consumers. At...
  • Product Medicine Double End Plastic Spoon

    Our products are manufactured in Class D Clean Rooms without human touch. Their colors are customizable. They contain no additives other than raw materials and dye. The raw materials, dyes, and the protective lubricants used to clean molds are food grade. The measuring lines on the product simplify dosing ...
  • Product RSV Hypertonic Saline 3%

    Naveh Pharma Ltd. offers a wide range of advanced ent line products which includes rsv hypertonic saline 3%. Features: acute bronchiolitis, a viral disease usually common in infants and occurs mainly in winter. Treatment of the disease is primarily supportive and based on maintaining hydration and oxygen s...

    SafloHyal - in case of OCULAR INFLAMMATION
    Key Ingredients: Enoxolone glucuronide 2.5 %, Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt 0.10%, PEG/PPG (EG56) 1.5%.

    OftaxHyal - in case of CORNEAL INJURIES
    Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Glyceryl...
  • Product PROAGE

    PROAGE It is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid made to repair the extra cellular matrix ECM by aging and restore the physiological function of the skin. Reactive in addition the fundamental structure of the matrix in order that the cells involved in regeneration phase of new fibers can find the phys...
  • Product Device CDMO

    Sanner Group offers a vaste portfolio of capabilities for design, development, and manufacturing of medical devices for regulated markets. Being recognized as a smart, agile and reliable contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), we deliver highest quality and customers trust in our long-t...
  • Product The Luer Vial by GEMÜ

    The Luer Vial by GEMÜ combines optimal shelf life with standardised containers that can be filled aseptically. Safety and user-friendliness are enhanced by a customised applicator that allows precise drug delivery by single-handed operation. The Luer Vial by GEMÜ was developed as a modular packaging an...
  • Product Manufacturing contract

    Our project development department can take you from product design to mass production. Choose the shape, color and details of your product. Single-material or dual-material. Our expertise lies in our knowledge of the market and your customers. Our studies have shown that today's surgeons are looking ...

    ovel cream formulation that provides instant relief to heavy legs and varicose veins. It decreases the appearance of the dilated superficial veins (spider veins) and phlebitis. Promotes soothing and relieves tension in legs
  • Product Brudy Neo

    Brudy Neo is a product designed for early-birth babies. All of them require a special attention and nutrients, which they lack due to their shorter pregnancy period. This product give them the require dosage of Omega-3 DHA, needed for the correct development of the brain and the eyes, among other parts. It...

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