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Founded in 1923, Gerolymatos International is one of the oldest, most traditional and well-regarded family businesses in the Greek HealthCare industry.

Based in Athens, Greece, with affiliated companies in France, Italy and Cyprus, Gerolymatos International has a significant global presence in over 50 countries with its own brand portfolio, namely, Sinomarin® (nasal & ear sea water sprays & vials -medical devices), Foltene® (scientific care line for hair & scalp conditions, eyelashes & nails) & Tamarine® (pharmaceutical laxative of natural origin in jam form).


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Products from Gerolymatos International S.A. (5)

  • Foltène® PHARMA

    Product Foltène® PHARMA


    The Foltène® Pharma brand consists of a holistic scientific product line for healthy hair, eyelashes and nails. It comprises of a series of value-adding complementary, dermocosmetic products with a special focus on ...
  • Sinomarin® -Seawater Nasal Sprays & Vials

    Product Sinomarin® -Seawater Nasal Sprays & Vials

    Developed 20 years ago in France as the first hypertonic sea water spray for nasal care, Sinomarin is, today, a complete line of 100% natural, clinically proven nasal products based on a hypertonic sea water solution, ideal for tackling every-day nasal needs.

  • Sinomarin® Plus Algae -seawater nasal sprays with sea algae extracts

    Product Sinomarin® Plus Algae -seawater nasal sprays with sea algae extracts

    Sinomarin Plus Algae, is a new, innovative product line enriched with a novel ingredient complex -Algomer Complex- based on sea algae extracts that provides additional strength and protection to the nasal mucosa. Sinomarin Plus Algae line delivers targeted products for specific nasal problems such as al...
  • Seawater-based nasal & ear sprays for private label

    Product Seawater-based nasal & ear sprays for private label

    Gerolymatos International -with a 20 year experience in nasal seawater-based solutions- offers a variety of nasal & ear seawater sprays for private label. Both Isotonic & hypertonic formulations are available, bag-on-valve pressurized cans or pump sprays bottles with preservative-free pumps in ...
  • Sinomarin® Ear Cleansing sprays

    Product Sinomarin® Ear Cleansing sprays

    Sinomarin Ear Care Sprays are 100% natural ear cleansing sprays composed of sea water in a hypertonic (2.3% NaCl) solution. They cleanse the ear canal by washing away dirt and ear wax and by breaking-up its components. Through regular use, Sinomarin Ear Care helps prevent accumulation of ear wax and en...

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