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Sinerga is an Italian contract manufacturer and cosmetic ingredients supplier. We offer a complete range of solutions including:- own-branded cosmetic ingredients distributed worldwide; 
- formulative R&D experience for the development of personalized finished products; 
- contract manufacturing of cosmetics and medical devices in full-service;
- regulatory, marketing and graphic support. 
We offer both personalized products or ready-to-market solutions, including already assessed medical devices.

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Products from Sinerga (5)

  • Gyno-Balance - pH regulator

    Product Gyno-Balance - pH regulator

    Non – hormonal vaginal gel specially formulated to restore physiological vaginal pH and balance its bacterial flora.
    Indicated in case of bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis and vaginal mycosis. It prevents relapses, especially following antibiotics treatments. The vaginal pH is an important factor f...
  • Ginhyal Deli - intimate dryness

    Product Ginhyal Deli - intimate dryness

    Non-hormonal gel based on a patented moisturizing and restructuring compound. Its delicate formulation counteracts vulvo-vaginal dryness and its linked discomfort. It acts as an intimate lubricant and restores intimate mucosa, promoting its natural firmness and elasticity. 
  • Leniroid proctologic gel

    Product Leniroid proctologic gel

    Treatment for anus rectal disorders causing swelling, inflammation and discomfort. It performs a protective, soothing and antibacterial action in the anus rectal area, reducing and alleviating pain, itching and burning sensations, while also fostering the riephitelization of the anal mucosa.
  • Nail Rescuer & Nail Perfecting Lacquer

    Product Nail Rescuer & Nail Perfecting Lacquer

    Nail Rescuer is a medical devices for the nails of hands and feet, aimed at treating and preventing the growth of fungi responsible for onychomycosis. It protects from aggression by external agents and promotes the nail restructuring process.It is available in 2 formats: single packaging and in a bipack (N...
  • Dermo-Remedy

    Product Dermo-Remedy

    Topical treatment for atopic dermatitis and xerosis, able to soothe itching, burning, erythema and skin rashes. It is based on a patented filming active compound that reconstitutes the protective skin barrier structure and restores the hydrolipidic film, preventing skin barrier disorders. It is available i...

Sinerga Resources (1)

  • Brochure Sinerga contract manufacturing service

    Since 1978, Sinerga is a leading contract manufacturer and cosmetic ingredients supplier offering a complete range of personalized and high-quality solutions for the dermo-pharmaceutical international industry.We provide a full-service approach (taking care of all the steps of the project) for the development of: cosmetics, medical devices, food supplements. 
    We offer both completely personalized solution in contract manufacturing, as well as ready-to-market products, including already assessed medical devices for licensing.