Research & Development of medical devices

Research & Development of medical devices
Product Description

We provide a complete and comprehensive range of services from A to Z: from product idea, through development and research, certification, registration and product delivery to the customerWith us, you can easily launch a new medical pharmaceutical device on the market or adapt an existing one to new legal requirements. 

R&D laboratory offers:

• Design and development of new products, from an idea to the finished product on the shelf,

• Adjustment of medical devices according to the new MDR 2017/745 rules,

• Reclassification and adaptation of medical devices to a higher product class.

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    PRIVATE LABEL - Our product - Your label

    Gofarm offers private labels formulas in many forms: liquids, sprays, gels, tablets, powders and in various forms of packaging. The professional medical devices product lines are complemented with food supplements and cosmetics.

    Highest quality: ISO-13485, ISO-22716, ISO-9001.

    Over 400 ready-made formulas allow Gofarm to quickly launch a product with customer’s trade brand in following groups:

    Products for daily use:
    EarNoseThroat,  Women’s Healthcare, Skin Care, Children’s Healthcare,

    and specialist lines:
    OncoMed®,  Ostomy, DiabetiHelp.

    Our products are currently available in 40 countries under more than 150 private brands.
  • R&D Laboratory of medical devices

    Product R&D Laboratory of medical devices

    Over 400 developed recipes, 
    including over 50 medical devices in various classes and indications,
    in 20 pharmaceutical forms - 
    everything starts in the Gofarm's R&D Laboratory.

    In Gofarm's R&D Laboratory our and our clients' ideas take real shapes.

    Here, our specialized employees create first samples and formulations of our products
    and carry out all necessary research and technological tests to guarantee products
    of the highest quality and appropriate properties.


    Our laboratory allows us to provide comprehensive range of services.
    Modern equipment helps in the formulation of various product categories:
    • medical pharmaceutical devices,
    • pharmaceutical cosmetics 
    • and dietary supplements.
    Our Laboratory is located in the Life Science Park of the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation in Kraków (Poland).
    It is a complex bringing together entrepreneurs and scientists in the field of life science, as well as many companies from the pharmaceutical industry.

    Comprehensive R&D services for Your company

    We offer comprehensive services:
    • design and development, 
    • reclassification of medical devices (e.g. from class I to higher), 
    • adaptation to MDR.
  • Medical pharmaceutical devices

    Product Medical pharmaceutical devices

    Gofarm is an expert in medical pharmaceutical devices. 
    The group of medical devices includes not only plasters, implants, diagnostic tests or devices for monitoring the health of patients, such as ultrasound. Among these products there is a group of "pharmaceutical" medical devices, which, thanks to their mechanism of action, many indications and forms, they support patients in their daily fight against disease, increasing their quality of life. 

    This term was introduced for the purposes of internal classification by the specialists of the Gofarm brand and is successfully used more and more often by manufacturers of this type of medical devices.
  • Gofarm team
  • Gel for haemorrhoids

    Product Gel for haemorrhoids

    Products available in PRIVATE LABEL formula.


    • For people suffering from hemorrhoids.

    • In case of discomfort, itching, burning, pain and irritation which can occur in case of both internal and external haemorrhoids.

    • For people exposed to risk of pathological hemorrhoidal conditions, especially those who perform long-term work in a sitting position (drivers, office workers), professional athletes (weightlifters, cyclists, motorcyclists) and obese people.

    • Recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

    Active ingredients’ properties:

    • Hyaluronic acid moisturises and soothes irritated skin around the anus, creates proper environment for natural regeneration processes.

    • Aloe vera gel contains mucopolysaccharides that bind water particles, improves skin hydration and integrity. It soothes irritation of the skin around the anus.

    • Prebiotic Biolin P protects against the development of pathogenic bacteria and promotes the development of physiological bacterial flora.




    We present a complete line of 5 medical devices with Icelandic lichen with special coating and moisturizing properties for the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, vocal cords and larynx. 
    Our offer includes syrups, sprays and lozenges - so your client can choose the product that best suits his needs.


    The mucous substances contained in the Icelandic lichen extract protect the sensory nerve endings responsible for causing a sore throat or the cough reflex. The products provide intense hydration and relief, and soothe the feeling of dryness and hoarseness or discomfort when swallowing.


    Products from this line can be used by whole family, even children from 1 year of age.
  • OncoMed® - specialized support for oncological patients

    Product OncoMed® - specialized support for oncological patients

    Products from the OncoMed® line, thanks to the appropriate formulas, show exceptional moisturizing, lubricating and coating properties and protective. 
    Thanks to this, they comprehensively care for the skin and mucous membranes with unique needs, i.e. skin changes, dry skin, erythematous and exfoliating changes, discoloration, damage to the sweat and sebaceous glands, hand-foot syndrome, dry mucous membranes, etc.

    • Prophylactic & prevention hand - foot syndrome cream 
    • Spray for radiation burns 
    • Moisturising post - radiotherapy gel 
    • Vaginal gel 
    • Protective oral cavity coating gel 
    • Lash and brow enhancer 
    • Eyelash growth stimulant 
    • Waterproof sunscreen cream SPF 50+ 
    • Regenerating lip balm (honey/banana flavour)

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  • News Why is it worth investing in the development of pharmaceutical medical devices?

    The medical device sector of the market covers a broad spectrum of products. It is not just plasters, orthopaedic prostheses, stents, surgical instruments, diagnostic tests or devices that monitor patients' vital functions.
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    The newest catalogue of our avaiable products in private label formula. Take a look and select what products suit your business the best.
  • Video GOFARM - promotional video

    We invite you to discover our company!
    Gofarm is leading Polish medical „pharmaceutical” devices producer (in private label formula) in many forms: liquids, sprays, gels, tablets, powders and in various forms of packaging. The professional medical product lines are complemented with food supplements and cosmetics.

    Gofarm's Laboratory is placed in the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation's life science park. 
    The Gofarm team includes primarily experts in the development and manufacture of medical devices, innovate approach to the product development and enthusiastic, commited group of specialists.

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