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  • Product Parvulet® Technology - Patient Centric Dosing Solution

    Adare has recently launched a new patient centric dosage solution, the Parvulet TM Technology. The Parvulet TM Technology enables a solid powder or tablet to convert to a semi-solid in the presence of water within thirty seconds. The final dosage is easily administered, as a soft food like texture, ide...
  • Product AdvaTab® Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODTs)

    AdvaTab® Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODTs) incorporates coated or uncoated drug particles that are uniformly dispersed in a low-moisture, rapidly disintegrating matrix. Each ODT is formulated to achieve an acceptable taste and desired release profile. AdvaTab® technology is ideal for patients who ha...
  • Product Formulation Development

    KBI’s approach to formulation development is based on the strategic pairing of two complementary scientific disciplines:
    Establishing a comprehensive understanding of the thermal, physical, chemical, and conformational stability.
    Employing statistical design-of-experiment (DOE) to evaluate main effec...
  • Product Formulation Development

    Avéma has an extensive library of formulations and more than 40 years of Rx formulation development experience.
  • Product Manufacturing Solutions

    We are GMP-certified for the manufacturing of IMP clinical batches (Phases I-III) as well as commercialized products. Our laboratories are prepared to work with over 30 key pharmaceutical technologies, all API types from OEB classes 1-5 and narcotics, innovative technologies, hard-to-make formulations in a...
  • Product Samsung Biologics CDO Services

    We Make it Work - For Every Molecule. Successful development relies on a deep understanding of a molecule’s unique characteristics. At Samsung Biologics, we have the knowledge and expertise to realize the true potential of your molecule, regardless of its complexity. By taking the right steps through ...

    KD Pharma’s professional expertise, state-of-the-art assets and proven track record in regulatory compliance allow us to become your preferred CDMO solutions partner.

    Your Agile Experts
    • Responsive to our customers’ needs in a more dynamic customer-centric way • Adaptive to the most diverse re...
  • Product Inhalation Drug Product Development Services

    Services for the development of inhalation drugs: Our team have over 30 years of experience supporting our clients' product development for orally inhaled or nasal drug products (OINDP). This includes formulation, stability, testing, product performance testing, in vitro bioequivalence studies, CMC...
  • Product VetaFilmTM - Veterinary Oral Film Technology

    VetaFilm™ is our proprietary veterinary oral film technology that provides significant market opportunities to improve drug delivery for companion animals. VetaFilm™ research and development services and veterinary oral films provide: • Dose placed directly on oral mucosa or on their f...
  • Product Ophthalmic CDMO Services

    Salvat can provides the best solutions, based on a long history of expertise in developing and manufacturing successful medications
    • Tailored solution to customer needs through its Ophthalmic platform. • Specific solutions using Salvat's technology: suspensions, solutions, micellar, and n...
  • Product GBC Production Plant site Video

    Genovior Biotechnology Corporation facility capabilities & current ongoing production lines
  • Product Continuous Manufacturing of Formulations in Minutes Instead of Hours

    Microinnova Engineering GmbH has successfully commissioned two continuous formulation production plants for a European client. The design of the fully automated plant is very compact, which makes it possible to easily transport & install it at a different manufacturing site on the other side of the wor...
  • Product Formulation Development

    NCEs • Phase I-III formulation and development Generic Drugs • Pharmaceutical, analytical method development and process study
  • Product Oral Thin Films

    Oral thin films are loaded with active substances. The Thin films are taken orally and dissolve immediately in the mouth or are applied to the mucosa. For transmucosal films, the active substance enters the bloodstream directly via the oral mucosa, without having to first pass through the gastrointestinal ...

    E.SOLVE accelerates your journey to the clinic supporting as early as possible your formulation strategy from discovery to market approval.
    · When you deal with a challenging API, partner with Evotec’s screening experts to guide your process through every challenge along the drug discovery and devel...
  • Product Spray-drying/spray-congealing

    Spray Drying is an instant and continuous solvent evaporation process of a liquid feed, atomised in a heated gas, generating a final dried solidified particle.

    The heated drying gas moves in co-flow with the atomised feed in the process chamber where the gas transfers its heat energy to the ...
  • Product Spray Drying

    We have been successfully developing spray dried formulations for our customers for more than twenty years. Our experience spans a vast range of therapeutics from small molecule API’s to even the most sensitive and complex biologicals.

    ADAPTEK® TECHNOLOGY is the general name for our 4 international patents and expertise in nanotechnology and controlled release systems.This is a transversal technology that allows to develop customized biopolymeric nanohydrogels, allowing the load with different API (drugs, vitamins, growth factors, etc.)....
  • Product Formulation Development

    We devise and implement product specific development strategies capable of delivering high-quality formulations and robust manufacturing processes.

    To achieve our clients’ goal, several studies are performed as a means of achieving deliverables assigned to certain distinct development phases...
  • Product Containment & Aseptic Barrier Isolator Systems

    n the global pharmaceutical market with the ever growing demands on materials, operator and environmental protection, consideration toward increasing standards of safety, sterility assurance and regulatory compliance has never been higher.

    As applications expand into less traditional are...

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