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Avivia is an independent Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in the Netherlands (EU), and your partner in drug formulation, reformulation, repurposing, repositioning, analytical support and excipient characterisation.

Our expertise and capabilities are centred around formulation and CMC development of both generic drugs, life cycle management of branded drug products and new drug products (NCE).

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  • 2017
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Company types
Contract Research Organisation (CRO)
Contract Service
Pharmaceutical company
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Analytical Services
Contract Research Organisation
Laboratory Services
Pharmaceutical Company (generic finished products)
Pharmaceutical Company (innovator finished products)
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Products from Avivia BV (5)

  • Excipia       Experts in excipient analysis, characterization and deformulation / reverse engineering

    Product Excipia Experts in excipient analysis, characterization and deformulation / reverse engineering

    Excipients can have an important impact on the manufacturability and pharmaceutical performance of a formulation. It’s therefore important to identify and control functionality related characteristics (FRCs) of excipient materials in order to achieve safe, robust and stable products. Expe...
  • Pharmaceutical R&D Services

    Product Pharmaceutical R&D Services

    Having decades of hands-on experience on a wide range of (complex) technologies and a many different types of products, our Pharmaceutical experts are able to fully execute and/or support the development of any finished dosage form, formula or process, as well as the transfer and scale-up of a deve...
  • Dissolution Testing  -  R&D services

    Product Dissolution Testing - R&D services

    For us dissolution testing is never a routine test but an essential tool in pharmaceutical formulation development to:

    • evaluate the physicochemical properties of drug candidates to select the most appropriate solid form for further development (pre-formulation)
    • compare pro...
  • Analytical research & development

    Product Analytical research & development

    Our analytical experts know what it takes to bring a pharmaceutical product to the market, from discovery, feasibility to GMP. Having worked with more than 100 unique molecules and even more formulations, we may state that we have faced the most difficult CMC challenges that are involved.
  • Excipient Quality Testing and Selection Services

    Product Excipient Quality Testing and Selection Services

    Excipient testing, composition and variabilityExcipients are either natural / naturally derived or synthetic / semi-synthetic. In all cases the exipients are obtained through chemical processing of a raw material source that usually has an animal, vegetable or mineral origin.


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  • Brochure Avivia Services

    Brochure Avivia independent pharmaceutical development services.
    Established in 2005, Avivia is a specialized pharmaceutical development company engaged in CRO service activities, drug repositioning, repurposing and reformulation. Over the past fifteen years, the company has built a solid reputation recognized for its R&D flexibility and ‘out-of-the-box’ approach towards complex and challenging analytical and pharmaceutical development projects. Today, we are the preferred partner for many big pharma, specialty pharma, generic drug companies, academic centra, and smaller drug development firms.