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Lamda Laboratories (an Adragos Company) is an innovative contract development company who focus on providing quality research and development services to the pharmaceutical industry. Known for demanding Generic and Generic-plus developments, Lamda is a one-stop shop for a full registration dossier. Lamda Laboratories offers a service which is tailored to your unique development needs includin...

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  • 2015
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Contract Service
Pharmaceutical company
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Pharmaceutical Company (generic finished products)
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Products from Adragos Pharma GmbH (3)

  • Formulation Development

    Product Formulation Development

    We devise and implement product specific development strategies capable of delivering high-quality formulations and robust manufacturing processes.

    To achieve our clients’ goal, several studies are performed as a means of achieving deliverables assigned to certain distinct development phases...
  • GMP Analytical development and validation services

    Product GMP Analytical development and validation services

    Our state-of-the-art laboratories offer a wide range of analytical services to support your exact needs under strict quality procedures which meet GMP requirements and following ICH guidelines.

    The analytical department provides support during the development of drug formulations combini...
  • Highly Potent API Drug Product Development

    Product Highly Potent API Drug Product Development

    Highly potent API dedicated suite

    The construction of a highly potent API laboratory to ensure operator and environmental safety has been initiated in 2022 to extend our in-house technical capabilities for new product developments.

    The 100 sq.m. dedicated suite for highly potent produ...